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Evangeline - by Gwen Williams
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Category: Fairy Tale & Mythology, Fantasy, Historical, Pure Erotica
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.00
Our Cover Price: $3.99
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Paul Rumsfeld, a lonely, rich, widower, seeks Evangeline’s hand in marriage.  He is her first real marital prospect, as the entire village considers her damaged goods.  Rumors abound about the way Evangeline and her sister Rose Red, serviced the Black Bear who resided at their hearth during one particularly hard, bitter winter.  Evangeline did no such thing, but no man pays her court.  She accepts Paul’s offer to marry him, while trying to ignore the vile gossipmongers’ talk in the village that Paul’s last four wives died under bizarre—and troubling—circumstances.  Is Paul a Bluebeard, or is he an innocent man?  Evangeline trusts her husband implicitly, but the rumors are hard to ignore.

They marry and she travels with him to his marvelous villa on the sea.  Once there, she is introduced to the household servants, including the grim and reproving Mathilda.  Mathilda is a formidable opponent, and it takes all of Evangeline’s guile and resources to outmaneuver the imperious maidservant.  Evangeline soon finds herself with child, and with the support of the midwife, she begins to exert her will.  Out with the restricting corsets and stays!  Evangeline has no desire to confine her body to the dictates of fashion.  She wants her baby to be healthy and strong, and the only way to do that is to ensure her own comfort.  Mathilda is horrified, but cannot bend Evangeline to her will.

At the same time, Evangeline is attempting to breach the citadel that is her husband’s broken heart.  Paul honestly cannot say how it has come to pass that he is the widower of four deceased wives, each one expiring under odd and distressing circumstances.  As a result, he has locked down his heart to any further intimacy.  He is half-convinced that Evangeline shall also die, and it would be unbearable if he were to allow her into his heart.

To My Readers: As a child, I loved the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale of the two beautiful sisters, Snow White and Rose Red, who rescue Black Bear from a certain death during one bitterly cold winter.  If you’ve already read Rose Red and Black Bear, then you know the fate of Rose Red, but do you know what happens to the other sister, whom I have renamed Evangeline?   Evangeline has a completely different journey from her sister, as she travels with her new husband to his villa by the sea.  There are dangers waiting for her, and it will take every shred of her will and inner strength to overcome the evil waiting for her in every corner and shadow. 

About the Author:  Gwen Williams finds it terribly ironic—one of her father’s favorite words—that she is taking a story she loved as a child and transforming it into an erotic journey.  And, sadly, she wrote this story about the two sisters, Evangeline and Rose Red, while grieving over her father’s death.  There is much love and loss in the story, and Gwen believes her father would find it fitting, even if he couldn’t quite bring himself to read her writing!  


ISBN: 9781603105798 1603105794 Publication Date: 12/2010
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