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Fallen Demon - by Monica Owens
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Category: Contemporary, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romantic Suspense
Series: Fallen Angels Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $5.45
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

After centuries of life on earth, things are heating up for the Fallen Angels. A group of humans has stumbled upon their existence and a Rogue fallen angel is using their fear to his advantage. The first piece of his plan is going into effect: in the picturesque locale of the Black Forest, Germany.

Samael the Seraph has made a home for himself in Germany. For the most part, it has been a calm life, with only a few painful difficulties over the years. But now tourists are missing and turning up dead. Sam and his group of fallen angels can’t figure out who is behind these heinous crimes, but they know for sure that this is not a human murderer.

Paige and her sister Victoria are visiting Germany from England. Victoria vanishes just as Paige meets Sam, saving his life. She insists on helping Sam and his friends find Victoria and Sam decides the only way to keep Paige out of trouble is keep her by his side. As they close in on the murderer, the danger to Paige reaches sickening heights, and Sam isn’t sure he can keep her safe. Not with the evil the Rogue intends to unleash upon the world…

Reader Alert: While ultimately a love story, Fallen Demon deals with dark subject matter in the form of murder, violence, and an in general take over the world bad guy. Though all the heroes are fallen angels, the book does not in any way put forth any religious themes or overtures. It will, however, make you want to meet one of these dark angels and save him...any way you can...

To My Readers: With The Wealth Of Paranormal Romance Saturating The Market, I Felt It Was Important To Bring Real Characters To Readers. These Characters Are Flawed, Deadly, And Lost In A Sea Of Immortality. You’ll Want To Save Every One Of Them, Drag Them From Their Despair Or Apathy And Make The Hero Into The Man You Know He Can Be. You Won’t Be Able To Let The Characters Go, Even Long After You’ve Read The Last Word.

ISBN: 9781603108409 1603108408
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