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Fallen Hunters - Bacchus - by Monica Owens
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Category: Paranormal, Supernatural, Romantic Suspense
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $3.75
Our Cover Price: $3.29
Available Format: eBook


The time is the Roaring Twenties, right after the stock market crash. Bacchus, now using the name Arcangelo de Bacchio, is trying to help the people of Chicago. He picks up the used, the broken, and puts them to work…maybe not honest work, but work nonetheless. As the former God of Wine, Bacchus runs a speakeasy that rivals those of the best mobs in Chicago. For that reason alone he’s on their hit list. But then he saves Charlotte, a new hire at a seedy speakeasy owned by Al Capone. Charlotte’s in over her head as she tries to make money and save the family farm. Throwing her lot in with Bacchus, Charlotte and her new champion make an enemy of epic proportions. Bacchus has no intention of handing Charlotte over to his enemy, a man more feared than any demon or devil Chicago has ever seen. Will Bacchus lose his long life for the love of one woman?

Reader Alert! Love the Roaring Twenties? Then come meet some mobsters that don’t hesitate to kick ass and take what they want!

To My Readers: A whole new world is opening up: the Fallen Hunters. Check out these men that roam the world seeking to destroy evil and finding their matches along the way!

About the Author: Monica Owens lives in Texas but is originally from Wisconsin. She’s been married for more than 20 years to the man of her dreams and is mother to a menagerie of animals. When she isn’t working her 9 to 5 job, she’s working on the world of the Fallen Angels. Come along for the ride!

ISBN: 9781603100540 1603100547 Publication Date: 00/2016
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