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Fire Angel - by B.J. McCall
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Category: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Conte'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
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Description: Firefighter Colin Callahan is having a brush with the supernatural. Not only is a tiny light leading him to female victims trapped in burning houses, he’s having erotic dreams about an angel. Ella Lansing is lying in a coma. She wants to wake up but her spirit is busy acting as a guardian angel. Colin is the only person Ella can touch, her only link to the mortal world and her midnight visits with the hunky firefighter are becoming increasingly more interesting.

To My Readers: I wanted to write a story about an everyday hero confronted with the supernatural. Who makes a better hero than a firefighter? And even a fireman needs an amazing woman to light up his life.

ISBN: 9781603102742 1603102744 Publication Date: 02/01/2009

Rating: 5 Stars!!!!!!   star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

Title: Fire Angel   Author: B. J. McCall

Heat level: H

Ella is caught in a fire and the only thing she can think is to pray that she didn’t die. Colin is the firefighter that finds her. Her last thought before she goes into a coma is that she will live and how blue his eyes are. While on duty as a firefighter, Colin enters houses and keeps seeing a shining light that leads him to women who are trapped in the fires. He doesn't know where it is coming from but he learns to trust the light. Meanwhile Ella is in a coma in the hospital but is able to leave her body and travel to Colin. He is the only person who can see her in her out of body state. Can Ella help Colin in ways that no one else can?

Fire Angel starts out hot, both figuratively and literally. Ella has appeared to Colin as a light but when she comes to visit him in her out of body form, he is able to feel her touch and actually see her as she is in her physical state. Ella and Colin have such a touching story of love and friendship. I enjoyed watching Ella and Colin grow as a couple through a very unconventional way. They demonstrated patience and loyalty which made this book such a great one. A highly erotic read, Fire Angel had all the qualities of a perfect story. Drama, suspense, sex and humor were what kept me turning the pages as quickly as I did.

B. J. McCall did a wonderful job writing Fire Angel and I look forward to reading more of her work. I gave this book 5 Stars because it piqued my interest from the very beginning and continued to do so until the very last page. I consider Fire Angel to be a "must" on your to be read list.

~~Val Pearson~~Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"There maybe an angel beside me"

There may be an angel beside me... An everyday love story that every girl dreams of. A chance meeting with your personal hero, the sexy firefighter that saves you. What is the catch? Your unfortunate coma. It seems that at every fire firefighter Colin Callahan is somehow "led" to the survivors by a mysterious light. Is Colin losing his mind from the stress of the job, or is this fairy light truly leading him to arson victims? Fire Angel becomes a true fairytale for women everywhere, creating a sizzling mix of reality and paranormal fantasy in this sensual story. Ella Lansing is just your average girl; single, alone, and vulnerable. But when Ella gets saved by a firefighter, the connection that she feels survives life, death, and that something in between. Colin Callahan, just a guy doing a job, saving people from fires. However, a series of fires seems to be centered around women; and Colin seems to be just the man to save them. Colin's guiding "light" appears to be leading him through smoke and flame to find the victims within. A light that transfers itself into his every sexual fantasy and dream. But is Colin really dreaming? Is his guiding light really just a figment of his imagination or an angel sent to guide him home?
~~ Reviewed by Heather Lobdell ~ Fresh Fiction

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