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Fires Within - by Roxana Blaze
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Category: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Novelette'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: “Warlun, make my wish come true….”

Greek princess Katja McNeal burns for her pirate husband, Rafe, but he has stopped making love to her. No more wanton escapades. No more passionate trysts. No more of the overwhelming hunger that drove him to claim her for his own.

Is this the life they must lead now? Asleep side by side, night after sultry night, two polite strangers in a cooling bed?

No. Katya refuses to accept loneliness and heartbreak when she is so desperately in love with her husband. She heads for the legendary wishing fountain in the village of their Caribbean island, and tosses a coin to the stone fountain god, Warlun.

“Warlun, make my wish come true….”

Rafe, a wealthy rogue pirate with a beautiful princess for a wife, is torn by a heart-wrenching secret. He loves Katya with a boundless passion. He’s haunted by the intense perfection of their lovemaking, by the beauty of her naked limbs spread before him like a feast.

But he also craves another kind of feast.

A feast for his senses, and for hers.

A feast that would bring another man into their marital bed.

“Warlun, make my wish come true….”

To My Reader I’ve always been fascinated by fountains filled with people’s coins—their most intimate, secret wishes. Each coin has a clandestine story behind it, angst, revenge, tears, love, and even naughtiness. It was with much curiosity that, as the creative writer, I chose to pluck two random coins from a magical fountain on a Caribbean island almost 300 years ago and give them another toss. Who knows what fantasies might come true once those coins tumble back into the pages of my book?

ISBN: 9781603101820 1603101829 Publication Date: 04/01/2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 !!!!!!

Katja's lovely green eyes and olive skin are enough to make her the desire of any man, any man that is but her husband, Rafe. For so long now Rafe has avoided showing any sign of the lust his eyes once held for her, and with little alternative left Katja will have to rely on a wish.

Rafe knows how lucky he is to have a beautiful wife like Katja and wants nothing more than to see her happy. But the secret he's kept is threatening to destroy their marriage. With no alternative but to hope for her acceptance Rafe will have to lay bare his innermost desires.

With no seeming hope of rekindling the passion she once shared with her husband Katja sets out to a fountain rumored to grant the heart's desire. Her wish is simple, to be desired by her husband again, but little does she know that by making that very wish she may fulfill not only her husband's secret fantasies but her own.

Roxana Blaze's THE FIRES WITHIN is an intimate portrait of a couple striving to reignite the passion they once shared together. With her incredible skill for making characters come alive the page, THE FIRES WITHIN is certain to stir every reader's heart.

THE FIRES WITHIN secures Ms.Blaze's place as a true master of erotic romance and earns her a five blue ribbon rating!
~~~Kerensa Wilson~~ROMANCE JUNKIES

5 ANGELS!!!!!


Katja wants her husband, Rafe, to want her again. She will do anything to have him show her passion again. Desperate, she makes a wish on a coin thrown into the fountain of the god Warlun. She asks the god to make her desirable to her husband again. She loves her husband with all her heart but she wonders how much longer she can deal with the distance that is growing between them.

Rafe, a pirate, loves his wife but knows that something is missing from their life. He misses the passion between them but he craves to add spice to their lovemaking. He has secret longings that he isn’t sure he can tell Katja without losing her.

Little does the couple know that they each have asked Warlun for a wish and Warlun is a very accommodating god.

The Fires Within burns hot and heavy in this story. A wonderful mixture of lust and love with a large dose of added spice. Katja’s desperation in her quest for the passion of Rafe is deeply moving. The interaction of the characters was intensely delicious. The addition of another man into the mix takes the heat factor to new heights. The sexual encounters are blazingly hot and sensual. Ms. Blaze has told a great story and I cannot wait to read more by this talented author.



Rating: 4 Enchantments !!

Rafe is happily married but would like to add to his and his wife’s sexual pleasure. Until he is able to broach the subject with his wife, he is not interested in sex at all, so he makes a wish at the fountain and tosses a coin in the water. Katja, Rafe’s wife, is extremely unhappy about her sex life. She loves her husband and cannot understand his disinterest in her. Did she do something wrong? This is a story about a couple trying to bring back the magic in their marriage, renew their sex life, but neither realizes their mate has unfulfilled desires. After each couple secretly makes a wish at the fountain, their unspoken desires become a reality, their marriage improves and they have a completely satisfying relationship with one another. Have you ever made a wish at a fountain with the hope that it would come true? Well for Katja it did, her husband Rafe’s wish came to pass as well, and the two of them enter into a ménage (m/m/f).

This story was straight sex from page one to page forty-seven. The most pleasing part to me was that their wishes from their coin tosses in the fountain came true. The story was creatively written, and those who enjoy a M/M/F ménage would enjoy this story Roxanna Blaise is happily married, has a teenage son, and twins in college. She writes her stories from their cabin in Wisconsin under the names Roxanna Blaise or Titania Ladley. Roxanna can be reached at www.RoxannaBlaise.com or www.TitaniaLadley.com

~~Desiree Douglas~Enchanting Reviews

FIRES WITHIN - Roxana Blaze

Bahamas -1716 Though she feels it silly, Katja McNeal is desperate enough to make a wish at the fountain by the ocean. Her seafaring husband has been home for weeks and hasn’t touched her at all. Unsure of what has happened in her marriage, Katja wishes that her husband would once again find her desirable. Just as she was beginning to fear her wish was in vain, it is granted, but not in a way Katja ever would have expected. FIRES WITHIN proves the old saying be careful what you wish for. A wish on a magical fountain gets Katja more than she bargained for, but everything she wants in this sexy short story.

~~~Jennifer Bishop ~ Romance Reviews Today Erotic Reviews

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