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Frontal Assault - by Chevon Gael
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Category: Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Erotica
Length: Novelette'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: When Rick Steele returns from duty in Iraq, he’s seen more than any man should have to face. Death. Danger. Even sabotage. But his wife, his beautiful wife Angela, his own angel, knows nothing of war’s brutality and desperation. She’s his safe haven. Why then can’t he find peace in her arms?

Angela can’t wait for her husband’s homecoming, but when he finally arrives, he’s a changed man. He’s still her strong and brave Rick, but now he’s cold and distant. He resists true intimacy. She can’t get near his heart.

When Rick disappears for days without a word of explanation, Angela draws the line. If he can’t be in the marriage, a husband in every sense, body, mind, and heart, then there’s no point in them being married any longer. Even as she mourns the divorce that must be, her soldier husband accepts a new mission, the most important mission of his life: to break through the marital stalemate and reclaim his wife for his own.

For man and wife, the real battle is just beginning!

To My Readers: To me, nothing is stronger than the bond between married people. Sometimes, as with the case of Rick and Angela, that bond becomes obscured by distance and circumstances. It can take more than the memory of a vow to renew the strength of a bond; it takes drastic measures. Even if drastic means imprisoning one’s spouse for a night of sensual pleasure!

ISBN: 9781603102025 1603102027 Publication Date: 08/01/2008
Frontal Assault by Chevon Gael

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Rick Steele is just back from Iraq, and the war has changed him. No longer the man his wife remembers, their marriage begins to crumble. He has seen entirely too much and his wife, Angela, just doesn’t understand what he has endured. Rick can no longer find comfort with her.

When Rick doesn’t come home for days, Angela decides she simply cannot take it anymore. She realizes she has no choice but to divorce her husband and it dawns on Rick that he has his biggest battle ahead of him, keeping his wife. Can he convince her to stay?

Frontal Assault is a very erotic story of a crumbling relationship and doing what it takes to keep a marriage alive. Nothing is sexier than two people who are already in love, finding each other again. The relationship between these two characters is very dynamic. Chevon Gael shows us that marriage can be sensual and sexy.

Frontal Assault will leave you speechless and wanting more. Marriage doesn’t have to be boring same old sex, it can be steamy too.


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