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Hannah Murray is a self proclaimed hopeful romantic, who loves banana flavored Laffy Taffy and hates horror movies. She lives with a very large, very grumpy dog who pretty much runs the show. When not catering to his needs, she can usually be found reading, watching old British sitcoms and reruns of The Golden Girls, or doing anything else that allows her to put off the housework for one more day. She loves getting email from readers, and can be reached at Hannah@hannahmurray.net.

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• Secrets Volume 27
by Leigh Court, Hannah Murray, Nicole North, Liane Gentry Skye

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About Hannah Murray


I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because if I don’t, there’ll be eight pages here on things like why I hated kindergarten and the time my eighth grade science teacher caught me passing out porn at school.  And really, who needs to know about that?

I’ve always loved to read, and started reading romance novels in junior high. I would save up my allowance to buy them (and on one memorable, never to be repeated occasion, got caught stealing one). My mother was displeased with this; aside from the petty theft, she felt they were a bit beyond my maturity level, and she was probably right. She asked me (and I give her credit for asking instead of demanding) to stop reading them so much. When I asked her what she’d like me to read instead, she said, “Oh, something like those Judy Blume books would be fine”. So I brought home Forever and Wifey, at which point she threw up her hands and said “Read whatever you want.”

I’d always been interested in creative writing, and once I’d had the romance bug I decided that’s what I really wanted to write. I remember spending hours on complicated plot lines and character sketches, writing them out in my school notebooks. I  went into great detail about the color of my heroine’s hair and exactly how muscled the hero’s chest was, but I didn’t do much actual story writing in those days. I ended up toying with it for several more years before getting serious, and my first book was published in 2003.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with a roommate, my best friend and fellow romance author,Christine Warren. Since Christine writes paranormal romances and I pretty much stick with contemporaries, we have virtually no conflicts about writing material. We do occasionally have conflicts about housekeeping issues, but that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, I also have a boyfriend (hi sweetie!), a former Special Forces guy who didn’t know dating me meant he’d be answering research questions all the time, but he’s pretty good natured about it. This is, of course, not the only reason I keep him around, but I have to admit having a guy who knows the kinds of things he knows is a damn handy thing for a writer. Unfortunately he lives about two hours away, so our time together is limited, but we do our best to make up for that whenever we get a chance.

And that, in short, is my life. There’s a lot more I could’ve told you, but that’d take up a lot more room on this page. And besides, a girl should maintain some mystery, don’t you think?


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Score: (4.5 out of 5)
Secrets, Volume 27 is the latest offering of short stories that are long on romance, spice, adventure and excitement.

"The Boy Next Door" by Hannah Murray showcases Isabella Carelli who has just been dumped for being too adventurous in bed. All she is looking for is someone with a little bit of spice, one who is willing to push the boundaries in the bedroom. Jacob Hale, her next-door neighbor has asked her out, but Isabella considers herself too "vanilla" to even consider. Can he show her that he knows how to handle the ropes in and out of the bedroom?
This was a highly sensuous read, daring and seductive, fun and romantic, all at once.



All Isabella Carelli wants is little bondage, a slap on the ass once in a while, maybe a nipple clamp here and there. If her alternative lifestyle ex-boyfriend thinks she’s ‘too freaky,’ then it’s a sure bet that her good-looking, responsible next-door neighbor will think she’s twisted.

But Jacob Hale is anything but vanilla and he’s eager for a chance to tie Isa up. After mistaking a candlelit bubble bath for a burglar’s flickering flashlight he finds Isa in a very interesting state. He also learns exactly why she turned down his casual dinner offer when she joined the neighborhood.  Things get chilling when Isa’s ex decides he wants to tie her up after all.

Hannah Murray creates every erotic book-lovers favorite rope fantasy in this sexy little tidbit. She has got it all, lust, bondage, danger and a happily-ever after.

SECRETS VOLUME 27 is the most enjoyable erotic anthology that I have ever read. Each story represents a different sub-genre in erotic fiction providing a buffet of talents and entertainment. The sex scenes are all fantastic, the heroes inspire imagination, the heroines are easy to identify with, and the dialogs are witty.   SECRETS VOLUME 27 is a must for new and experience erotic readers.

~~ Mel Mason - RRTErotic

“The Boy Next Door” by Hannah Murray
Jacob Hale and Isabella Carelli are neighbors and friends. Jacob would like them to be lovers, but Isa turned him down the one time he asked her out. Isa wants more than vanilla in the bedroom and she’s convinced that Jacob would be turned off by her darker desires. She may have been right about her ex-boyfriend feeling that way, but she might be wrong about Jacob.
Isa makes the mistake of judging a book by its cover in “The Boy Next Door.” Jacob is so much more than a nice guy. He’s commanding and kinky and just what Isa was looking for. Isa unknowingly wasted a lot of time being lonely when she could have been tied up in Jacob’s bed!  “The Boy Next Door” is a little kinky and a lot romantic.

With wonderful stories and interesting characters, Secrets 27, Untamed Pleasures fulfills secret fantasies.
Reviewed by Nannette ~~JoyfullyReviewed.com


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