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Harriet Jones has always dreamed up stories. As a little girl, she loved long car rides where she could stare out the window while her mind filled with the lives and conversations of her characters. Now that she’s older, the characters’ lives have become more exciting, so she has to be careful not to get too distracted while driving, but she still gets her best ideas while in a moving vehicle. She lives in a country cottage outside Melbourne with her three favorite males - her husband, her son, and her cat - and counts herself thrice blessed.

Mask of a Gypsy
by Harriet Jones
The Bride Unmasked
by Harriet Jones

Review Highlights


Honoria knows she must marry a suitable gentleman. But would it be so terrible if she tasted pleasure first, just a little? Of course, she would need to persuade Sir Vincent to give her the excitement she craves. But that shouldn't prove too difficult—if he refuses, she’ll just have to resort to blackmail.

To My Readers: One of the reasons I love setting stories in the Regency period is that so many things were illicit. A bold woman, Honoria does her best to explore them all – with Lord Vincent’s help of course.



The century is turning. Decadence is giving way to decorum, and public masquerades are being denounced from pulpits across the country. A respectable woman would not dream of attending one unaccompanied. But, after all, Amanda has no intention of being unaccompanied for long…

To My Readers: I’m thrilled to share with you the story of Amanda’s seduction of Hugo. An experienced man has a lot to teach a young woman—but sometimes a woman has even more to teach an experienced man.

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