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Deborah Van Heest was born 6 November 1970. She is an American author. Her first novel, “Secret of the Kings” is fantasy published in 2010. She recently completed the second book in the three book series, Lara Martin. This mystery/romance novels starts off true to life, dealing with real issues like divorce, separation, child custody and adoption and she incorporates a brilliant and cloying list of characters that round her first series in true mystery fashion. The series starts off with “One Step Closer” that leads into “Through the Darkness”. She is writing the final book in the series currently untitled.
You can find her
on the web here

Web page:-  http://dmlvanheest.wordpress.com/ 

Blog page:- http://vanheestd.wordpress.com/


* NEW • Through the Darkness - LMS #2
by D. Van Heest
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by D. Van Heest
* NEW • One Step Closer - LMS #1
by D. Van Heest
* NEW • Fires of Forgiveness - Lara Martin #4
by D. Van Heest

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