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Harvest Moon: My Guardian - by Dawn L. Lubertowicz
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Category: Fantasy/ Romance/Suspense/Action & Adventure/Paranormal Werewolves
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.45
Available Format: eBook  

Abby is an average girl that doesn’t seem anything special. She doesn’t recall much about her past, but believes the only family she has is a man she calls Uncle Ben. She does have the ability to read people’s futures. One night, Abby’s average life changes when she decides to take the train instead of a cab. A mysterious man named Zero, who she feels safe with, saves her from a strange man. After that night, Zero keeps showing up and saving her.

She soon discovers that she and Zero shared a past. She finds out Zero is a wolf demon, the ability to change from human to wolf and she is a Lyking, who has mental powers. She realizes she’s not afraid of him as she becomes aware their lives won’t be the same. As Zero continues to protect Abby from strange beings, they become closer as dreams help them understand their past. He has always felt cold and distant with no concern for himself. When he’s with Abby, he feels his heart beating as he feels warmth.

He also started having urges where his body wants Abby and the wolf demon inside of him wants her blood. He can’t think of not having her in his life as he tries to stay with her longer. He soon has to decide to continue the job he was hired for or protect the one he loves from the ones who hired him.


Reader Alert! Abby didn't realize taking the train instead of a cab after work could turn her world upside down. Being attached by an inhuman bounty hunter and rescued by a wolf demon weren’t in her schedule. Neither was falling for one.


To My Readers: I really think you will fall in love with the characters and the present-tense setting, which make the story seem realistic. I believe while you read it, you'll be able to see it like a movie. Not only do you get to experience a love story, but you get to be in the action and try to figure out the mystery behind Zero and Abby. There are also some jaw- dropping scenes that will leave you flabbergasted but then make you laugh as well.

About the Author: I'm pretty much an average girl living in a small town. I’ve had many of my jobs and parts of my life, and I have experienced a lot of interesting and exciting events. While working at a local emergency room, I got to experience people's different levels of emotions such as devastation when a loved one died. When I was younger, I used to move around with my family and got to experience the many cultures such as in Saudi Arabia, England, and so on.  I have been asked, ‘when do I sleep?’ I usually tell them, ‘when I’m not doing anything.’ I’ve always had a talent for storytelling. I get a lot of people asking me to tell them some stories from my emergency room days or other times in my life. I have finally decided to try my luck of publishing the stories that were stuck in my head for a very long time. I want people to enjoy them as much as my friends, family and co-workers have. With the help of some great friends (Renee and Katie), I got over my fears. They encouraged me to write and get published. Now, I get a chance to say that my stories are published for everyone to read.

ISBN: 9781603108553 1603108556 Publication Date: 01/2015
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