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Heartless - by Nathalie Gray
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Category: Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal & Occult, Suspense
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: His fall from grace came in the year 117 A.D. Cursed for the last two thousand years, Gaius roams the earth, always one heartbeat ahead of his own personal hell, but always a step behind salvation. Until an irreverent, modern woman crashes through his defenses and teaches him to never give up. Unfortunately, hope always comes with a price.

To My Readers: I’ve always been interested by curses. Not the words (well...), but the power of a person’s hate. I’ve always wondered, what if a curse took shape, followed its target everywhere it went. A tailor made hell. This is such a story. Gaius did a bad thing two millennia ago and is still living his punishment. When Anne-Marie stumbles into him, she can’t resist trying to help this handsome stranger with the wounded eyes. But the curse isn’t done with Gaius. Not by a long shot.

ISBN: 9781603103985 1603103988 Publication Date: 12/01/2009



Heartless is about Gaius Aelius Draco. His priestess wife, Mehnit, has cursed him because he betrays her trust. In order to possibly break the curse and redeem himself he hopes to find a canopic jar. The jar has had many owners over the past two thousand years and is now in the hands of Anne-Marie Valois.

Anne-Marie is an antiquities thief. And after she retrieves the jar, strange things begin to happen. Anne-Marie sees things she’s never expected and is suddenly face to face with an extremely delicious and intriguing man who is offering to help. But will they be able to stop the dark forces after them? Will Gaius be able to break the curse? Or will the curse end up destroying them both?

An erotic, paranormal romance which takes readers from Ancient Egypt to modern day Montreal. This fast paced story, strong and dynamic characters, great world building and fantastic sex was a remarkable read.
Heartless is a fantastic and quick read, which I recommend to anyone who enjoys action, romance and hot sex.


Dear Ms. Gray,

Now normally I don’t read paranormals, erotic romance or novellas as I’ve found they usually don’t work for me in any combination or alone. So imagine my surprise when this one does. Work, I mean. I just goes to show what luring me in with a story about ancient Egypt and Rome can do. Only, it’s not really about ancient Egypt or Rome. Well, not that much since the bulk of the story actually takes place in modern Montreal. Gaius was a shit back when he was alive. Years of soft living and boredom broke down his integrity and drew him into orgies, mistresses and assorted whatnot. He coldly ignored the pain he caused his Egyptian priestess wife until she took matters into her own hands and devised a punishment that’s kept on giving…and giving…and giving for over 2000 years. Now his life – such as it is – and any possible chance at redemption are tied to a canopic jar which has changed hands over the millennia until now when it’s located in a private gallery in Montreal. Which is where antiquities liberator, so to speak, Anne-Marie Valois gets her hands on it. And discovers a horror such as she’s never known. And a man for whom she’s willing to risk everything. But can they beat this thing or will the curse continue to destroy Gaius and kill Anne-Marie in the bargain?

I just happened to read this after watching “The Mummy” which gave me some great visuals to go along with your chilling descriptions of the curse. And let me say how much I admire the way you portrayed it. It truly gives it a visceral punch beyond the usual curse. Here’s one that not only ruins your life but laughs at the pain it causes while it does so. Gaius is a world weary hero who’s seen almost everything the world can throw at him and who almost dreads the next day just because he knows the struggle he’ll endure to survive it. He’s a bit like Sisyphus and Tantalus mixed together. Plus he’s dead and not a vampire! Be still my beating heart – kind of like his is, now that I think of it. He’s had enough time to think on what he did and repent at leisure so satisfy me of his worthiness of a HEA after what he acknowledges he did to his wife. Anne-Marie is a strong heroine who’s never actually kicked ass before though she does catch on quickly to the necessity and handles herself quite well. Thank you for having her fight her innate attraction to this strange man she’s never met and wonder at her sanity – even if she does end up gleefully hurling herself into the hot smexing a short time later. I am curious about her future job plans though I guess fighting off a curse like this would entitle one to having a few past illegal activities wiped off the slate, karma wise.

The way the curse is broken is fairly standard with twue love conquering all. I also noticed that Anne-Marie’s unique sensory skills towards the curse are never fully explained – but it is a novella and there’s only so much room. But I’m willing to just go along with this since I’m enjoying the ride in most other respects. This story leaves me fairly satisfied in and of itself and interested in what else you’ve got to offer.

B ~ Jayne ~~ DEAR AUTHOR

Gray, Nathalie - HEARTLESS

Ultimate Romance - Paranormal
Gaius Aelius Draco, is Rome's favorite praetor.  He has not cared about anyone including his priestess wife, Mehnit.  When he betrays her trust, she is determined that he will suffer over and over again.  Gaius didn't know about his wife's cult of ancient gods and their rituals of old.  His only hope is to find someone willing to give him the canopic jar.  He hopes that will break the curse once and for all.  After meeting Anne Gaius can't believe his luck, he has never met anyone quite like her. She is strong and unafraid, but will he let her risk her life for him?
Anne-Marie Valois is an antiquities thief and an unofficial expert on all things of Egypt.  Anne read an ad in the paper that a private exhibition would only last one weekend.  The owner didn't know just what he had, after retrieving the canopic jar, strange things start to happen.  The faint buzzing of insects, a stench Anne could barely stand, and a wild urge to turn and run.  After seeing a man staring at her from a window,  Anne leaves only to come face to face, with an entity.  The strange man offers to help her escape.  Can they run and hide from the dark force following them?
HEARTLESS is a excellent ultimate paranormal romance.  Ms. Gray takes you into past Egyptian lore with curses and betrayal, and leads you back to present day.  Although the story is short, it's a fast ride that leads to an exciting end.  Gaius and Anne make a great couple, who find the good in each other.  Looking for a fast read with great sex, this is the book for you. 
~~ Reviewed by Gloria Gehres Romance Reader Connection Rated:  4

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