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Her Secret Husband - by Abbey Faith
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Category: Historical Victorian Romance, Family, Spinster, Misfits
Series: The Ranlyn Series - Book 1
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: After the death of his parents, Avetis Ranlyn is left the sole caretaker of all five of his siblings. His twin brother takes advantage of a loophole in the only will left behind. He sells off the land and all of their belongings, then takes off. Left with nothing, Avetis does his best to raise his siblings in poverty. Fara West desperately resists the suitors that her father introduces to her, but when a mysterious man appears and claims to want her money badly enough to marry her despite her flaws, she finally gives in to her father’s demands and is faced with a husband more terrible than anything that she had ever imagined. One day, after he struck out on a business trip, she finds out that he died in a shipwreck. But then she stumbles across a man who looks just like him. With two people whom he claims are his siblings, he takes her to his home on the outskirts of London and introduces her to three more siblings. Forced back into her marriage, Fara does everything that she can to avoid her husband, only to realize that he has become a different person—a better person. She begins to suspect that he is not the same man that she married.

Reader Alert! Fara West wants nothing more than to avoid marriage, especially after being wed to an atrocious man and widowed only four months later. But when he suddenly reappears, unscathed and claiming to not remember anything that happened before the shipwreck that supposedly killed him, she is forced back into her marriage. She quickly learns that he has changed into a better man than he used to be. Through a series of humorous, public mishaps and private, sensual moments, she begrudgingly falls in love with the man that she was determined to hate.

To My Readers: Her Secret Husband is truly a project of love. I first got the idea of having two brothers with mistaken identities and a rebellious woman caught up in their nonsense almost ten years before I wrote the first draft of this version of the book. Fara West was originally named Clarabelle; Avetis Ranlyn was named Mark; and Marc Ranlyn was named Francis. The very first draft of this book… well, it was a little rough. The first paragraph went: “Almost at once the alarms blared so loudly it was almost deafening. The alarms only sounded for one reason. Something was crashing into the spaceship.” I think that I’ve made it a long way, and I’m as proud as anyone could be for fostering this idea since my childhood and turning it into a romance novel worth being published.

About the Author: Abbey Faith is a twenty-one, almost twenty-two year old, graduate student and a daycare teacher. She lives in the Columbus, Ohio area and is still surprised that while during her undergraduate degree, she managed to publish a book. Her hobbies include petting fluffy dogs, telling three year olds to sit down, and hanging out with her family. She collects strange Victorian objects, including a xylophone, baby dolls, shoes, dresses, and so much more. She couldn’t have accomplished writing this book without the help that she received from her family and friends. She would like to thank her sarcastic editor for putting up with her; her publisher for choosing her book out of hundreds; her marketing director for supporting her; her cover artist for being patient with her odd requests; and finally, her readers, for doing the obvious.

ISBN: 9781603100793 1603100792 Publication Date: 06/2018
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