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Hidden Magic - by Nora Quick
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Category: Fantasy Erotic Romance, Sword and Sorcery, Fantasy Heroic
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Minn, an Earless in need of a husband, will face her greatest challenge when breathtaking adventure finds her on a lonely dark road. When a cursed girl crosses her path she is saved by the mysterious and extraordinary Tomass, a sorcerer who reveals his nemesis has entered a plot with hers. Together they join forces to unravel the dark plot of the Duchess Serinne and dark sorcerer M’Graough. Tomass is a man forbidden; a social outcast practicing dangerous magic he can’t possible suit a woman of noble birth, but he is the greatest temptation she will ever face. Trained in the sensual arts Tomass can only raise magic with her help and her body, and every day they spend together she falls deeper under his compelling spell. In a world of swordfights, magic, duels, and epic battles, they must fight for their lives to avert the war to end all wars. But can true love win the day, or is it just another spell to hold them back? When valor and strength means everything to a woman, is she brave enough to find the true strength in surrendering her passions to a demanding man who takes no prisoners?

Reader Alert! Minn Never Imagined The Challenge Of A Sorcerer Husband Trained In Sex Magic!! Warning: Reality May Disappoint After Reading This Swashbuckling Epic!

To My Readers: I have always adored fantasy stories but have been frustrated by the too-often passive roles of women. Minn, our heroine, is a typical hero, a sword fighter, a soldier, a leader, but still a woman in search of love and passion. Like modern women she feels the great weight of responsibility and only discovers joy in the arms of Tomass, the young sorcerer who entrances and seduces her. Minn and Tomass have been rattling around in my head for years and I finally found the right adventure for them: saving the world. this story is for every little girl who wanted to be Luke Skywalker or a pirate when she was little, now all grown up and in need of an epic adventure any woman can lose herself in.

About the Author: I’ve been writing since I was twelve, my first story was a crime mystery set in my hometown of Detroit. An avid bookworm, I love to read paranormal urban fantasy, mysteries, historical romances, erotic romances, and erotica. I’ve worked as a waitress and an accountant, but through it all I’ve been an avid writer and reader. I love the written word so much I have a tattoo of the last 3 lines of The Great Gatsby on my arm. You can most likely find me at home lurking on Amazon and Goodreads or out at the library or bookstore.

ISBN: 9781603108713 1603108718 Publication Date: 01/2015
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