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High Voltage - by Calista Fox
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Category: Contemporary, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Werewolf
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Lightning crackles all around Serena Lamond in the worst electrical storm she’s ever seen. If only she’d stayed in town instead of braving the dark country roads back to her isolated home. But no, with her usual stubborn independence, she’d had to set off in her pickup despite the elements. And now it seems almost as if the lightning is aiming for her, taunting her, forcing her to careen ever more treacherously down the dark road.

Suddenly, a flash of green pierces the darkness just moments before Serena hits the animal that jumps in front of her truck. Is that her neighbor’s dog? She can hardly see it in the fierce rain, but she can feel its thick fur as she hefts its injured body into the back of her pickup truck. A shudder ripples through the dog’s body, but at least it’s still alive.

But when she finally makes it home safe, there’s no dog in her pickup.

There’s a man.

A naked man.

And the air between them crackles as if the lightning had never stopped….

To My Readers: I’m not sure what I would do if I found a gorgeous multimillionaire—who just happened to be naked!—in the back of my truck where I’d left an injured dog… I can only hope I’d derive as much pleasure out of the bizarre situation as Serena Lamond does. Enjoy!

ISBN: 9781603101783 1603101780 Publication Date: 03/01/2008
High Voltage by Calista Fox


Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 !!!!

A nasty scandal has New Yorker Serena Lamond on a self-imposed exile in Silver, Wyoming. After four straight days of rain, she’s running low on provisions - namely wine (well it is a necessity, isn’t it?) and decides to brave the weather to head into town to pick some up. The weather has her a bit freaked out. The continuous rain, unbelievably loud thunder and streaks of lightning are unnerving and she’s concentrating on getting herself home in one piece - preferably without any encountering any wildlife.

She’s heard tales about a local woman who’d run over a wild boar late one night and she’s determined to avoid that sort of predicament. As the storm seems to close in around her, she experiences a bizarre sensation that somehow seems directly related to the storm and the next thing she knows there’re glowing green eyes piercing the darkness and she feels the impact as her truck hits an animal which she assumes is one of her neighbor’s dogs. She can’t leave an injured dog behind and so she loads him into the bed of her truck, only once she arrives home there’s a naked man where the dog should be. Serena’s beginning to think she’s losing her mind but she the man is too sexy to resist. After questioning him, she discovers that he’s Garrett Slater, the owner of a good portion of the town. What she doesn’t know is he’s the leader of a local pack of wolves and he has every intention of claiming her for his mate. He promises her that he’ll protect her at all costs, but will he be able to keep his word and keep a rival pack who’ve decided that Serena belongs to their obnoxious leader?

HIGH VOLTAGE is an intense story from beginning to end. I was fascinated by the correlation between the lightning and wolf mating. It certainly makes storms much more exciting then I’d ever imagined them to be. Serena may be a ‘city girl’ but she’s basically an innocent young woman who deserves a bit of happiness in her life. Garrett is perfect for her, and let’s face it, he’s sexy as hell, but he survives in two worlds - human and werewolves, accepting that werewolves are fact and not fiction isn’t going to be easy for her.


Fallen Angels Reviews

Serena Lamond can’t believe the storm that’s been raging around her secluded home for the last four days, but the intensity it reaches while she’s coming back from town with supplies is downright unbelievable. From the fork of lighting that appears to strike the same place over and over, to the sexual buzz it sends along her nerves, the whole thing seems surreal. Barely able to see beyond the hood of her truck she doesn’t see anything until the front of her truck slams into something. Knowing her neighbor allows his dogs to roam she’s horrified by the thought that she’s hit one. No light and the pounding rain restricted her vision, but by feel alone she gets the injured animal into the back of the truck and makes the slow journey home. Finally making it home she heads straight to the back of the truck to tend to the injured dog. But the dog is gone, and the sexual buzz she got from the lightning is nothing compared to the one she gets from what she finds in its place. A naked man.

High Voltage lives up to its title. With the intense electrical storm raging around Serena I found myself griping the edge of my desk as if I were the one driving the truck. Once we make it safely back to Serena’s cabin things get even more intense. Faced with a naked man in the back of your truck when you know you put an injured dog in there is enough to rattle anyone’s cage, but Serena’s not about to let anything get the better of her, even if the naked guy is gorgeous. Calista Fox has the sexual tension crackling from the first and poor Serena is caught up in it before she even knows to get out of the way. Garrett is one gorgeous hunk of man and certainly knows how to treat a woman, Serena is unable to resist the pull she feels and is soon all too eager to wrap herself around him. Isolated in Serena’s cabin it’s easy them to forget about the danger lurking outside. Garrett’s enemy would love to get at Serena but she trusts Garrett when he promises to protect her. After accepting Garrett for who he is Serena is confronted with reality when Garrett’s enemy pays them a visit. High Voltage’s final climatic scene is filled with tension and fear that leaves you biting your nails.

Ms. Fox has done a wonderful job with this story and it’s one I’ll definitely be keeping.

~~Rachel C. - Fallen Angels Reviews


Calista Fox

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Silver, Wyoming – Present Day Rain, rain and more rain! That is all Serena Lamond has seen day and night since she arrived at her lakeside cottage in Silver, Wyoming. She has taken some time off since she was involved in a scandal at work. It seems trouble follows Serena wherever she goes, and her life is like an episode of Twilight Zone. But the crazy weather doesn’t stop her from taking her old pickup truck out for a drive to pick up some groceries. As she is coming back, a flash of lightening gives her a fright along with an out of control orgasm. Before she can even try to figure out what is going on with her body, she hits something.

She thinks she has hit one of her neighbor’s German Shepherds. She has indeed hit a dog and quickly puts the poor thing in the back of her truck to go back to her cottage for help. But when she gets home, the dog is no longer in her truck, but instead there is a naked man looking at her. Garrett Slater is a werewolf and was the one Serena hit while he was in dog form. He has been watching Serena, along with the other shift changing males that run around town. They want to mate with Serena, and Garrett refuses because he has laid claim to her first. All he has to do is seduce her and hope she will be able to accept him. He does have one thing on his side at the moment, and that is being naked in all his glory for Serena to look upon and lust over. If only I could be as lucky as Serena to find a gorgeous naked man in my truck wanting to protect me and have his way with me at the same time!

HIGH VOLTAGE is not just about a freak storm, but the intense attraction the innocent Serena has for the sexy Garrett. Their introduction is quite out of the ordinary, but the outcome leads to some nice bedroom scenes between the two. Let’s just say Serena gets over her initial fright at finding what she thinks is a dog turned into a very too-good-to-be-true male. Calista Fox has written a sexy wolf in sheep’s clothing story that has great sex scenes, action, and a sigh-worthy romance that I enjoyed till the very last page.


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