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His American Beauty - by Abbey Faith
His American Beauty
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Category: Historical England, Victorian Romance, Medical Romance, Science and Medicine
Series: Ranlyn Series Book 5
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  

When his brother returns from the military in pieces, Enoch Ranlyn, a skillful veterinarian notable for his controversial and progressive medical ideas, has to turn to the one woman he wanted to keep as far away from the surgeon’s table as he could. Torn between the exhaustive task of reviving his twin and his obsession with turning a lethal chemical into a reliable antiseptic, he is a man at war with himself.

Nilette Steele is a chemist in disguise and the only one smart enough to assist him with bringing back a dead man. She also takes it upon herself to neutralize the carbolic acid, a corrosive element that strips her arms raw and leaves her with muscle-deep burns.

Working in such close proximity, the veterinarian and the chemist rediscover an attraction between them that has spanned many, many years. As they argue over their opposing views and fight back against a chemical that could blow up in their faces, they find that they need each other even more than just as medical partners. But if they fail, will everything building between them fall apart?

Reader Alert! A thrilling adventure that draws the reader into the nitty-gritty medical world of the Victorian era, His American Beauty will satiate anyone who loves innovative and progressive heroines, and brooding but intelligent heroes. Enoch and Nilette’s story delves deeply into the primitive beginnings of antiseptics and shows what happens when two people who have let their attraction fall to the wayside suddenly find themselves caught in a scandalous kiss.

To My Readers: His American Beauty has required a thorough investigation into Victorian medicine and I am pleased to present to my readers a hopefully passable interpretation of the politics of university departments, the destructive roots of the more mild and manageable antiseptics that we know now, and a surface exploration of the somewhat strained relationship that England and India maintained for the latter half of the 1800’s. It has been my enjoyment to write this book and I hope that not only do my readers learn something from it, but they also savor the turbulent and sensual relationship between Enoch Ranlyn and Nilette Steele.

About the Author: Abbey Faith is a twenty-two, almost twenty-three, year old graduate student and preschool teacher. She would love to have the time to care for all of the animals that Enoch does in this book, but she will make do with volunteering at her local shelter for the time being. This is her fifth book in the Ranlyn series.

ISBN: 9781603101011 1603101012 Publication Date: 11/2019
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