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His English Lady - by Abbey Faith
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Category: Historical Victorian Romance, Forgiveness, Education, Learning, Motivation, Discovering Oneself
Series: The Ranlyn Series - Book 3
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  

The third oldest Ranlyn sibling and the one who has dealt with the most rejection on the marriage market, Kitty Ranlyn is moved from one place to another in an attempt to find a husband. With no ideas left, her oldest brother and guardian sends her to America, hoping that the relaxed customs will allow her odd nature to shine. In a little village called Rechquaakie in New York, Kitty encounters Ellis Steele, a charismatic, handsome, and inventive man who led her to believe that he was going to pursue her. But all is not as it seems in this peculiar, closed-off place where nothing exciting ever happens.

Understanding that she is being rejected one more time, Kitty puts down her foot and declares herself an independent woman. Of course, she doesn’t need money. She’s the sister-in-law of the wealthy and generous aristocrat, the Marquess of Salford. Giving up on her pursuit of a husband, she decides to make a clothing shop with Ellis’s help—this time viewing him solely as a friend and business partner.

But Ellis Steele’s older brother, Eldon, understands that she is making a bad decision. He knows about his brother’s tainted reputation. Not wanting the innocent lady to get mixed up in that, Eldon decides to become her chaperone. There is no way that anyone can assume that he has become her suitor. He is nearly twenty years her senior, scarred down his left side, and widowed. In an attempt to protect Kitty’s status, he accidentally stirs up more trouble than he intended for either of them. This leads to a marriage proposal—from Eldon Steele himself. Kitty, who has been secretly falling in love with the mathematician, is delighted. But she doesn’t know all that the older Steele brother has been keeping from her—fantastical family members, violent murders, a fire in his home, a brother with a forbidden love life, and a twisted childhood riddled with mistakes that he himself made. Can her love make him forgive what he’s done and move on from the past?

Reader Alert! Kitty Ranlyn would love to get married. It’s been her dream since she was a little girl. But failure after failure has made her cynical. She decides to give up on finding a husband and concentrates on making a clothing shop. While pursuing her new dream in a small village where nothing exciting ever happens, she gets mixed up in the Steele family. One of the brothers has been destroyed by a house fire that killed his wife, and he wants nothing more than to be left alone. But these two passionate and obstinate people end up working together toward a common goal. When Kitty ends up engaged to Eldon, for whom she has been falling in love, she is surprised and delighted. She got what she always wanted—as well as the clothing shop. But she doesn’t know about the horrible things that he’s been hiding from her, including the monster that has been living on his property.

To My Readers: His English Lady has been a pain in my neck, and I’m glad to see it out in the world at last. I started writing it before I went on a two-week trip to England, and anyone who knows me is aware that I hate taking extended breaks when I’m writing. On top of that, I also have very little in common with Eldon Steele and Kitty Ranlyn. I love them, but it’s a workout to write them. For this book, I had to combine minute elements of mystery and horror, then wrap those into a historical romance, the prequels of which have been known for their comedy. I was struggling. But despite how hard it was to write this book, I enjoyed every minute of it and I will continue revealing bits and pieces about Eldon and Kitty in the future books. The preachy, grumpy, reclusive mathematician and the bubbly, vivacious, fashion-loving lady of the gentry… who knew that I could do it?

About the Author: Abbey Faith is a twenty-two year old graduate student, aspiring to be a middle school teacher. She is based in Columbus, Ohio with her family and many pets.

ISBN: 9781603100861 1603100865 Publication Date: 11/2018
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