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His Warrior Princess - by D. Morrissey
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Category: Science Fiction Alien Romance, Fantasy Heroic, Love finds a way against impossible odds, Never give up; never surrender
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  

Aine MacTavish wasn’t surprised to find herself at a bar in the wee hours of the morning, paying her father’s tab, and escorting him back home. She had to admit, though, she really wasn’t expecting the spaceship they ran into on the way; or, the lizard-looking aliens who tossed her into a small cell and informed her that she would soon be auctioned to the highest bidder as a pleasure giver. Even more shocking was finding the scores of other women stolen from around the galaxy, and facing the same fate as her.

After two years of captivity, Grizolde Theodosius Ja’Lento, warrior and cousin to the King of Tarilax, had lost all hope of regaining his freedom or his lost honor. There was no way he could return to his homeland now, a broken and disgraced slave. That is, until the Lizentine tyrant, Beahl, abducts a beautiful Earther female with hair the color of red Packari sands and soft, warm eyes that remind him of the stormy azure seas of home. Mine.

For her, he would break the chains of captivity and restore his honor. For his mate, he would risk everything to make himself worthy.

To My Readers: If smoking hot, possessive aliens aren’t really your thing, then you may not enjoy reading His Warrior Princess, Book Two of the Tarilean Adventure Series. For the rest of us who love a sexy, sizzling story with a dash of humor and a happy ending, His Goddess is both stimulating and satisfying.

About the Author: Wife, mother, and avid animal lover, D. Morrissey is an English major from Arkansas. A business executive in real-life, D. Morrissey harbors a secret penchant for mystery/romance writing. She has a crack team of supporters at her beck and call, including a wide variety of small farm animals for brainstorming technique, as well as a German Shepherd and two cats who serve as distinguished beta readers. Her biggest fan is a turtle named Squirt, and her biggest critic is herself. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found curled up somewhere with a good book. Her list of credits includes Insanity Plea, Just Plain Crazy, All That Sparkles, Liar, Deceiver, and His Goddess.

ISBN: 9781603100892 160310089X Publication Date: 01/2019
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