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Honor Bound - by Suzanne Rock
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Category: Reunion Romance, Erotic, Paranormal,  Immortal, Historical – Japanese Bondage
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.49
Our Cover Price: $3.49
Available Format: eBook  

Deep in the Hidaka Mountains, Akito is commissioned to capture the goddess of desire. He expects to use all of his samurai skills to complete the task. What he doesn't expect is the resurrection of his deceased lover, or the number of immortals who wish them both dead.
Condemned to an eternity of loneliness, Jin curses the day the mother goddess tricked her into becoming immortal. When a seasoned samurai enters her prison, she’s determined to build the man’s desire so she can harness enough strength to break the bonds that tie her to the mountain. As the intruder makes himself known, memories long buried rise to the surface and Jin becomes desperate for Akito to believe the truth – that she is his beloved. Can she earn his trust in time, or will they both succumb to the forces that strive to keep them apart?

Reader Alert!:  This story contains a dominating samurai, a sexually frustrated goddess, and enough rope to bind them both together for eternity.

To My Readers: I love how books can sweep you away to another time and place, don’t you? One time period that fascinates me is ancient Japan. I have always loved research, and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Japan and their samurai warriors in preparation for this story. When writing Honor Bound, I had no idea of the struggles the Japanese people would soon endure, or the devastation that would come to their land. In the aftermath of the earthquake, I sat glued to the news and listened to stories about their courage and strength. Their perseverance in the face of tragedy is a wonderful testament to their history, and I hope that I captured at least some of that in this story.

Thank you so much for buying Honor Bound. It’s readers like you who make it possible for people like me to continue doing what we love.

ISBN: 9781603107082 1603107088 Publication Date: 09/2011
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