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If Not to Please - by K. H. Renard
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Category: Contemporary, American Historical (1960s), Love can arrive unexpectedly, Turbulent sixties
Series: Heroines of Old Earth
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.99
Available Format: eBook  

Once a "good girl," Jane Marshall fell into a tailspin when her parents went missing in Africa during the Maui-Mau revolt. Trying to contain her rage but careless of her future, Jane fled to California along with so many other disaffected 60s youth. A bookstore clerk by day, by night Jane performed in a tony strip club and made short "stag films" for gentleman's clubs and fraternities. When asked to take it up a notch to feature-length skin flicks, Jane agreed. What did she care what people thought? Apprenticing in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, Jane fornicated both on-screen and off with male and female Danish sex workers, an unlicensed female therapist, a randy Bahamian character actor, and an Elizabethan scholar. Returning to a country aflame with assassinations, war and civil rights protests, Jane only slowly grasped that true love hid in plain sight.

Reader Alert! Jane Marshall is coming! As Marianna Trench, the former ecdysiast launches her career in feature-length XXX films newly legitimized by Hollywood's transformed rating code. For almost anything, Jane is game.

To My Readers: If Not to Please is on the surface an erotic romp through the late sixties. However, the protagonist, Jane Marshall, is emotionally scarred and rages against the hand she was dealt in her teens by the loss of both her mother and father. Propositioned by the strip club owner where she is a prime ecdysiast, she becomes Marianna Trench, skin queen in training in the XXX film industry legitimized by a new film rating code. Despite her promiscuous proclivities, true love hides in plain sight.

About the Author: K. H. Renard came of age in the 1960s and incorporates into this saga the feel and many of the facts of that "Turn on, tune in, drop out!" decade: protests, political assassinations, the Summer of Love, the Monterey Pop festival, the '68 revised movie rating code legitimizing "adult" films, the music and songs, fashion, the books, swingin' London.

ISBN: 9781603100748 1603100741 Publication Date: 03/2018
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