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Jane Thompson is the pseudonym of a fabulously wealthy, stunningly beautiful New York socialite who spends her days shopping, having lunch with her scores of equally fabulous friends, and dodging marriage proposals from tall, dark and sinfully handsome men. Ah, the joy of fantasy, eh? I’m actually a housewife and mother who spends a ridiculous amount of my time either standing in line at the supermarket or peeling my cats off my furniture. RITA NOMINATED AUTHOR!

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And Charlie Makes Three ~ Three Kinds of Wicked Series ~ Book 6
by Jane Thompson

Secrets Volume 15
by Cynthia Eden, Leigh Court, Jane Thompson, Saskia Walker
Secrets Volume 15 Trade Paperback
by Cynthia Eden, Leigh Court, Jane Thompson, Saskia Walker

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About Jane

I have a clever little bio on the Red Sage website so I will do something different here. Um, let’s see. I make really good ginger cookies. Oh! I am obsessed with the television show Bones. The funny thing is, I am terribly squeamish so I sometimes have to watch a good portion of the show with my hand over my face. I don’t even know why I like it. The premise is silly, the science is fantastic at best, and I never really liked David Boreanaz’s portrayal of Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (except when he was evil, then he was delicious). I liked Spike, murderous bastard that he was.

Anyway, totally obsessed with Bones and I don’t even care if Brennan and Booth ever get together, I stopped caring around season three. Now I just like watching them dance around each other. I just saw an episode where Bones said that she doesn’t understand why everyone thinks they’re having sex when they barely ever touch each other. Classic secretly in love/lust dialogue. Can not get enough and am willing to put up with the increasingly gooey corpses to get it. I was watching the first episode of season four with a friend of mine and when the corpse showed up he said, “Who-eeeee! Someone increased their special effects budget!”

I will not be deterred. I think it’s the romance novel junkie in me. (I just accidentally typed hunkie) The dance preceding the couple settling in together is my absolute favorite part of every story. I can’t help it and after all these years I don’t really want to. Hilarious! Rhinestone Cowboy is on the iTunes again. I could have sworn I took that off. Anyway, there’s something about Jane. Bones TV show addict and incompetent iTunes user.

Review Highlights

 And Charlie Makes Three by Jane Thompson

And Charlie Makes Three by Jane Thompson
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: Near-Historical Paranormal Erotic Romance (contains menage a trois scenes)


Summary: It's 1953 and Ann Reynolds can't seem to get into the expansively perky spirit of the new decade. After the struggles and derivations of the past twenty years, she feels guilty she's not as happy as everyone keeps telling her she should be. There's something missing from her life and she thinks it might very well be her. After dropping her sons off at summer camp, Ann sets out on a journey to discover what's left of her life when she removes her kids, their schedules and, maybe hardest of all, Charlie Atwood.

Charlie is Ann's ex-husband's ex-golf buddy. He likes to tell people Ann got him in the divorce settlement along with the dog and a stack of old Saturday Evening Posts. Ann isn't sure why Charlie has stuck around to help since her husband left three years ago but she knows the time has come to relieve him of active duty. If Charlie was interested in a permanent place in her life he would have let her know by now, and Ann can no longer pretend that what they have between them is enough to sustain her.

When Charlie finds out about Ann's plan to take a solo driving trip down the coast, he is relieved. After three years standing in for his old golf buddy, a break is exactly what he needs. And if the break becomes permanent, well, Charlie can't say he didn't see it coming. He isn't husband material and it's become increasingly obvious that Ann needs more from him than he can ever give her.

Then Charlie hears Ann's added a passenger to her journey, Trey, a man no one has ever met before. As the gossip regarding the scandalous behavior exhibited between the normally oh-so proper Ann and her handsome stranger reaches him, Charlie feels honor bound to make sure the man isn't out for just one thing. Ann deserves better, which is exactly why he's kept his hands to himself all these years.

But if all Ann is looking for is a summer fling…well, hell, Charlie isn't opposed to helping her out one last time. And he's got no problem if her new friend wants to come along for the ride.

Monica’s Review: Wow. I am still in head spinning awe after reading this book. And Charlie Makes Three by Jane Thompson is a deliciously naughty thrill ride. Jane Thompson has her own unique writing style and certainly begs to be noticed with each and every punctuation mark. The plot of this story is relatively straight forward and easy to grasp. The characters are in depth enough for this 73 page book, but not so indepth that you feel as if you are being force fed information about each character. I absolutely fell in love with Trey, and I know you will too, especially after you read the last few pages, I certainly can not wait to dig up more books by this author, even more so now that I have met this delicious bad boy.

There is a nice menage scene, even though I felt a little bit disappointed, I am a firm believer in “in for a penny, in for a pound”.  Although I wanted the scene to play out a bit differently, it is still beautifully written and steamy none the less. I've added this author to my favorites list because Jane Thompson wowed me with this book.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Monica!

Secrets Volume 15

4 Stars ! StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

Listen to what reviewers have to say
“Secrets Volume 15 blends humor, tension and steamy romance in its newest collection that sizzles with passion between unlikely pairs—a male chauvinist columnist and a librarian turned erotica author; a handsome werewolf and his resisting mate; an unfulfilled woman and a sexy police officer and a Victorian wife who learns discipline can be fun. Readers will revel in this delicious assortment of thrilling tales.” 4 Stars
—Romantic Times BOOKclub

“Written to be devoured. Lick your lips, ladies!”
—Virginia Henley, New York Times Best Selling Author

“This book contains four tales by some of today’s hottest authors that will tease your senses and intrigue your mind.”
—Romance Junkies


“Showing that what you see is not always what you get, Simon Says is an engaging romance that will immediately capture the reader’s attention.”
—Romance Reviews Today

“Simon Says is a great book that takes a quiet librarian and turns her into a sensual goddess, with the help of Simon, Jane finds the inner passion she has been suppressing and unleashes it. The love scenes are red hot and running over with passion. Jane Thompson has done an excellent job of creating a story where love is found in an unexpected place. ”
—Romance Junkies

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