JENNIFER AUGUST traded comic books for romance novels at the age of 12 and never looked back. As an adult she discovered the sultry side of love and romance and poured it into her books. She would love to hear from you: JenniferAugust08@yahoo.com. Happy reading!
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Keys to Submission
by Jennifer August
Her Dark Master
by Jennifer August

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Her Dark Master Victoria Ashford fears she'll become an old maid, but she'd rather embrace spinsterhood than be forced to marry an eligible gentleman just to make a match. Like any young woman, she dreams of romance and marrying a man she loves-but this seems unlikely, as the man she loves, her brother's best friend Lord Matthew Corwin, has no intentions to marry. To make up for the lack of passion in her life, Tori writes salacious articles and stories for a pornographic magazine, The Opal. She longs to experience what she's only written about, so one night after overhearing her brother's plans to accompany Matthew to a brothel, Tori masks herself and pretends to be a whore.

Matthew is captivated with the 'whore', but when he learns of the deception, he's determined to discover her real identity. He's shocked when he realises it's Tori, but soon he plots a way to punish her for her very forward behaviour. At the same time, Tori is receiving notes from a mysterious man who seeks to blackmail her. Revelations about Tori's family only make Matthew more determined to claim her as his bride-but when the blackmailer kidnaps her, Matthew must rush to Tori's rescue!

What a great read! Her Dark Master is a fantastic novel, full of high society, hot sex and intriguing mystery set in the Regency period. Tori is a spirited heroine who's caught between being a dutiful daughter and doing what she wants. Her struggle to marry for love rather than for social advantage makes her a very sympathetic character.

The love scenes are scorching, and Matthew is an incredibly sexy and dominant hero. The blackmail plot keeps tension simmering throughout the story, building to an explosive finale.
Jennifer August has written a real cracker-this is a keeper for sure.

Reviewed by: Maija 

Her Dark Master

Rating: 4 Cups! 4CupReviewCoffeeTimeRomance.gif4CupReviewCoffeeTimeRomance.gif4CupReviewCoffeeTimeRomance.gif4CupReviewCoffeeTimeRomance.gif

Never one to back down from a challenge, Victoria Ashford is much more mischievous and daring than what is considered proper by anyone’s standard. She can barely contain the passion burning in her heart, and writing is the only outlet she has for her inner harlot.

The lies and machinations of his former fiancé left Matthew Corwin with a very strong distrust for women. Not to say he does not love their bodies, but that is as far as he is willing to have them in his life.

Tori has wanted Matthew for as long as she can remember, and as she nears her twenty-first birthday, desperation is seeping into her soul. Her mother is fed up with her, and has finally fulfilled her threats of finding Tori a husband, but the man in question makes her skin crawl. As the younger sister of his best friend, Matthew has always kept his distance from Tori, but unfortunately the irritating little urchin has grown into a magnificent and sensual beauty. Try as he might, Matthew cannot keep Tori out of his thoughts, but as the time draws near for her to wed, he becomes increasingly aware of just how much he needs her special touch.

A little bondage and blackmail go a long way to making this story thoroughly irresistible. Tori is spunky and full of sass, except when it comes to her mother, then she seems uncharacteristically docile. With Matthew, however, she really comes to life, and together they are flat-out fantastic.

What a fabulous debut for author Jennifer August, and I can only hope it is the first of many!

~~Lototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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