Jennifer Lynne lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two beautiful daughters and the best cat in the world. She discovered romance – and writing – at the age of twelve and couldn’t understand why her first novel never saw light of day. Many years on, she is thrilled to be writing for Red Sage and sharing her belief that there is power in love to change our lives for the better. Even if our own heroes are imperfect!

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Pandora's Gift
by Jennifer Lynne
• Secrets Volume 28
by Juliet Burns, Jennifer Lynne, Kathleen Scott, Kate St. James
• Secrets Volume 28 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Juliet Burns, Jennifer Lynne, Kathleen Scott, Kate St. James

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Story behind the story

I love romance. All kinds of romance. Sweet. Sexy. Dark. Hot as hell.

It starts of course with heady lust. That aching response from every cell in your body to the deliciously hot bod across the room. Most of us have felt it, and not always at the most opportune moment!

But for me, if it’s going to be romantic, there needs to be a heck of lot more than mere pheromones. There must also be an emotional connection that exists beyond the physical. Anyone can have sex and walk away the next morning. But in my experience, it is the emotional side of a relationship that is the more challenging.

I love the idea of throwing together two people who, for very different reasons, are simply afraid to commit. Give them the mother of all physical connections. Add shades of light and dark. And then up the ante with an emotional connection so strong it is simply impossible to walk away.

This is where the story of Pandora’s Gift originated, in the idea that even a hero as steeped in darkness as Flint, or a heroine as afraid of love as Pandora, can go forward into the light with a little help from a powerful and lasting connection – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Whether consciously or not, this seems to be a recurring theme in all of my stories so far, and I believe it is one that resonates with many people. I’d like to think that this story offers a sense of hope for Pandora and Flint through the healing power of love.

Because that’s what romance is all about, for me.

Beats all, doesn’t it! ☺

Red Sage Authors Musings
1.    My two girls want to read my stories – I’ve told them I’ll present them each with a copy on their 18th birthday!
2.    How do you convince people that writing is a real job – that when you say, “I’m working on my next novella”, it doesn’t secretly mean, “So I’ll meet you at the cinema in 15 minutes”?
3.    Writing is like a drug – sometimes it feels damn good, sometimes it feels bad, but go without and it just doesn’t feel right.
4.    I LOVE books – all books!
5.    Author Lisa Shearin is so cool – a three-way umi’atsu bond? Yes please!!! Hmm, that’s definitely got me thinking…

* Whitehorse Leader
    * | James Dowling
         * 9 Dec 2009

More than just romance
Erotic novella proves a confronting challenge for author

IF THE term ‘‘sex sells’’ holds true, erotic romance novelist Jennifer Lynn may have just written her way to pay day.

Erotic novelist Jenni Lynne is getting her book, SeducingSerena, published in the US.

The Vermont resident has just penned her first novella, Seducing Serena, which Red Sage publishing will distribute to the US markets and be on limited release in Australia. The story will run in SecretsVolume28, the latest version of a popular romance novel series in the US.

Lynn said she first wrote a romantic novel as an arts student majoring in literature after someone dared her.

‘‘We were studying high-brow work and talking about romance, and I said I could write one of those Mills and Boons novels inmy sleep,’’ Campbell said.

‘‘Someone dared me, so I had a go.’’

Her first work was rejected, but she had enjoyed the niche and continued to dabble for the next 20 years while holding other jobs.

Lynn said that, strangely for an erotic romance novelist, she found writing about sex quite confronting – in fact, Red Sage asked her to spice up her piece before accepting it.

‘‘I’m often writing about things I haven’t actually done and it can be confronting,’’ Lynn said.

‘‘But it is also part of the challenge of writing and therefore makes the task more rewarding when you actually achieve what you’ve set out to do.’’

Finding time to write isn’t always easy for Lynn, a singlemum of two children. But her commitment to the craft prompts her to always search for that spare 30 minutes so she can escape to her contrived and steamy world.

In fact, her life is often perceived to be at odds with that of a romantic novelist.

‘‘When people find out they are really quite shocked,’’ Lynn said.

‘‘It’s interesting that people have a preconceived notion on what a romantic novelist would look like. When I met other authors they are just normal people from all walks of life.’’

For details, go to jenniferlynne.com.au


Review Highlights

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The Secrets anthologies never fail to thrill and entertain. This volume's contemporary, science fiction and historical stories are hot and sensual. Characters are well developed, and the couples will take readers along on their path to a lasting relationship.
Summary: Marc and Callie fake a romantic relationship to increase ratings for their television show. But Marc wants to show Callie that they can be more than co-workers in "Kiss Me at Midnight," by St. James. In "Mind Games," by Scott, psychic Damien battles a government agency bent on ridding the world of his kind. It's complicated, though, because the agency head is the father of his mate, Jade.

When Serena advertises for a partner, she gets unpredictable Nicholas. Can he get her to admit love exists in "Seducing Serena," by Lynne? Privateer Ewan believes that Lady Gertrude was sent to entrap him. But her innocence becomes clear during the sensual punishment he demands in Burns' "Pirate's Possession."

—Keitha Hart - Romantic Times Book Reviews

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