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K.C. Sehlhorst started writing in 2003, shocking everyone including herself. She lives with her loving husband of almost ten years and her two children. It has become her mission to get her readers to blush at least once during the story. Please let her know if she succeeded with this story. kcsehlhorst@hotmail.com
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Maggie's Angel
by K.C. Sehlhorst

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Maggie's Angel by K. C. Sehlhorst Maggie is a hardworking medic who has seen too many deaths. Even though she should become immune to death, Maggie still feels the pain each and every time, especially the death of her latest patient.

Gideon was once an angel who gave up everything for the woman he loved, only to have her die shortly afterwards. Now a fallen angel, he battles the demons on earth.

Gideon and Maggie meet when Gideon is injuried, and Maggie tries to save him. They can't seemto resist each other, but there is a problem. Maggie is a atheist, which is forbidden to Gideon. What's a fallen angel to do?

Maggie's Angel is a fast paced story that easy to read from beginning to end. I love how Maggie is a strong female who can hold her own against a strong man, and still shows signs of be a nurturing woman. I'm glad to see this is a realistic view of the modern woman in the world day. The time of woman who put on a tough show, but underneath still has a little tenderness. I defintely can't wait for K.C.Sehlhorst to release another story.

~~~Robyn ~ Manic Readers

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