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Kimberly Dean writes erotic romance for Red Sage Publishing and other publishers. When not slaving over a keyboard, she enjoys reading, sports, movies, and loud rock-n-roll. http://www.kimberlydean.com/
You can find her
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Kimberly loves hearing from fans and tries to respond to emails within 1 week. 

You can email her at Kimberly@kimberlydean.com.


Kimberly is now on Twitter @KDean_writer.

• Secrets Volume #9
by Kathryn Ann Dubois, Bonnie Hamre, Kimberly Dean, Lisa Marie Rice
• Secrets Volume #9 • Trade Paperback
by Kathryn Ann Dubois, Bonnie Hamre, Kimberly Dean, Lisa Marie Rice
• Secrets Volume 11
by Kimberly Dean, Angela Knight, Jess Michaels, Jennifer Probst
• Secrets Volume 11 • Trade Paperback
by Kimberly Dean, Angela Knight, Jess Michaels, Jennifer Probst

Review Highlights


Reviewers really loved this story!
“An FBI agent is hot on the trail of a smart woman accused of selling top secret military computer codes. And hot is what he gets!”
—Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

“When you’re the most wanted woman by the FBI hunky Special Agent Jeff Reno is the man who knows all the right moves. Whoa baby, the man knows how to chase you down. Talk about an explosive situation…”
—Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

“She has been framed for something she didn’t do and, for six months, stays one step ahead of the agent following her. When they do meet, it is explosive and he tries to help her prove her innocence.”
—Donna Doyle Romance Reviews


Kimberly Dean – Manhunt

Framed for murder. With the law hot on his trail, "bad cop" Michael Tucker takes hostage the one woman who can clear his name. Evidence has turned Taryn Swanson against him, but the attraction between them is still strong. Soon, Tucker resorts to unconventional, yet effective methods of persuasion to change the sexy ADA's mind.

To My Readers: Those of you who read my story Wanted in Secrets Volume 9 must be thinking that I’ve got fugitives on the brain. Well, you’re right. When I finished Wanted, questions kept running through my head. What if I turned everything around? What if this time, instead of a bad girl/good boy combination, it was the opposite? What if instead of one hunter, the whole world was after him? And what if nobody—absolutely nobody—was running? The answer to all my questions was Manhunt. I hope you enjoy it.

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