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Kristin Daniels has always been a reader of romance, but it wasn’t until several years ago when she discovered the erotic romance genre, that she finally figured out what had been missing from all those other books she’d read before. She currently lives outside Chicago with her wonderful husband and three children. Find her on the web at www.kristindaniels.com.

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Nameless Surrender
by Kristin Daniels
Safe Surrender
by Kristin Daniels

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Safe Surrender

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EPICAWARDS2010_finalist_sm.jpg Nameless Surrender

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She wants nameless, voiceless sex. Get off and get out. He’s pleased to give her all her heart desires, until his own heart gets in the way. Now he’s finished with the Nameless Surrender and ready to find out who belongs to the body that’s haunting his dreams.

Ms. Daniels writes a compelling novella. Her characters are realistic and their actions completely believable. Even the rationales are interesting. You want the story to work out with a happy ending and are riveted until the very end. The reader can identify with Dr. Zoe Grant’s struggle. Burned by her first husband, she’s afraid to give her heart again. To relieve her baser desires, she submits to a Dom at a local club. Nameless and voiceless. And darn sexy. Her requests, in combination with Ms. Daniel’s writing, make the love scenes more than words on the page – they become sensory overload. Dean makes a great hero. For all his good intentions, he still proves he’s human. That draws the reader to him. You want to help him succeed. Then again, the tall, dominant feature is pretty sexy too.

The reader can almost feel his wicked hands in each love scene. I rooted for him to gain his heart’s desires. If you want a sexy short story guaranteed to warm any cool night, then this is the novella for you. I give Nameless Surrender 5 cherries.

~~ Tiger Lily ~~ Whipped Cream Reviews

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