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Kitsune - by Lila Dubois
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Category: Contemporary, Erotica, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, Shapeshifter
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $6.95
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Available Format: eBook  
Description: On the anniversary of Joe’s mother’s death he breaks his own rules and has a one night stand with an exotic stranger. Sakura is unlike any woman Joe’s ever met: smart, beautiful, and very quirky. That’s because Sakura isn’t like any woman he’s know before--she’s not human. Sakura’s a kitsune, a mystical Japanese fox who can take on the form of a woman, on a mission: help Joe discover his Japanese heritage and make peace with his past. They didn’t say anything about falling in love with him…


To My Readers: I hope you enjoy Kitsune. This story was inspired by watching a friend struggle with her ethnic identity. Half Caucasian-half Japanese she grew up in middle-class suburbia with an ethnic name no one could pronounce, and at the age of 11 was taller than all her Japanese relatives, and her hair never turned blond-streaked in the summer like her friend’s did. No sexy Japanese mythology character showed up to help her (and if one had I would have insisted he bring a friend for me) but it sure might have helped. This is also in honor of this same friend’s Grandma (Hi Grandma Endo!) who still gives me a card with cash in it for my birthday.

ISBN: 9781603102704 1603102701 Publication Date: 02/01/2009



Rating: Gold Star Award star_full.gif

Heat level: H

Sakura is a mystical spirit-fox, a Kitsune, who has a mission to accomplish. She is young and very honored to be sent to help Joe. Although inexperienced, she feels an immediate connection and will do everything, sexual and otherwise, to help him achieve peace with his spirit and his heritage. She just didn’t expect that Joe would ignite such intense emotions in her heart. Joe doesn’t want to feel deep emotions and certainly doesn’t want to reexamine his past. He never has one-night stands nor dates anyone who reminds him of his Japanese heritage. His friends all know his type is tall, curvy and blonde. So when he finds Sakura in his bed one morning and can’t recall what happened, he is shocked. Even more so when he discovers he feels very protective of her and doesn’t want to tell her goodbye.

Kitsune is based on an ancient Japanese legend of the fox spirits who are sent to mankind to teach lessons or reveal hearts desires. Sakura has an endearing naiveté but is also intelligent and quick to adapt to situations as they happen, she’s crafty like a fox in the best possible ways. Joe is a confused young man who walks in between the two very different parts of his American/Japanese heritage. He has rejected his Japanese heritage but this damage to his spirit is one of the reasons a Kitsune is sent to help him. Both Sakura and Joe are engaging characters and it’s entertaining to see them grow as the story unfolds. When Sakura and Joe make love, the scenes are smoky hot, passionate, graphic and yet show tender feelings very well. The erotic scenes are integral for Joe and Sakura to realize their heartfelt emotions. The pace is perfect, keeping the reader interested and moving to the conclusion. The secondary characters are well drawn and important to help move the plot along, but never overpower the main characters. Love is an elemental force, changing a person and their life if their spirit is purified and ready to accept it. Fans of paranormal themes will really enjoy this entertaining and different myth-based erotic romance. Kitsune is smart, multi-layered, interesting, sexy and wonderfully romantic. This story was very touching and left me with a warm feeling. The themes of second chances, deep family ties and the redeeming power of love were really moving. For all these reasons and the fact I want to reread this wonderful story and discover new details every time, I feel Kitsune is very deserving of a Gold Star Award.

~~ Patrice Storie ~~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Fresh Fiction Review

Having read THE KITSUNE by LILA DUBOIS. I can tell you it was a heart-warming tale with just the right amount of sensuality to keep the reader interested. It is well written and fast paced with beautiful imagery. The book starts out with a hook and just keeps reeling you in. There is never a time where I started to loose interest. It was fast paced and kept the readers attention at all times. If you enjoy learning or reading about Japanese legends and folklore you will defiantly enjoy this book. The story is about a young man who denies his heritage and is in pain. A kitsune / a Japanese fox spirit is sent to help him deal with his pain and the reader is along for the ride. As the story unfolds the reader sees the relationship between the two main characters grow. We learn the how and whys of what the young man has gone through in his life and just why he is the way he his. You get to see the importance of family and faith as well. It was very interesting to see how the man dealt with the things in his life from work to friends and lovers. As the man is half Japanese and half American he has two heritages to deal with. Being half Chinese myself I very much related to what the character went through but you do not have to be of Oriental descent to enjoy this story. All the love and magic in this story make it a beautiful read about being true to one self. All in all THE KITSUNE was well written and the scenes flowed nicely, never a dull spot and the imagery was beautiful and never overwhelming. A most enjoyable read that makes me want to look and see what other stories this author has written.

~~ Gabrielle Lee ~~ Fresh Fiction Reviews

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