In her time away from writing, Leigh Wyndfield reads anything she can get her hands on, watches movies, and skis and hikes in season. Hooked on Battlestar Galactica as a child, she often slipped away from her music lessons to sneak in the show after school. As she grew up, she realized she also loved romance novels. She was unable to get her hands on romances that took place on other worlds, so she started writing her own while working and obtaining her MBA from a top university. Compared to writing, installing software systems just didn’t seem like any fun, so she recently quit her job to create stories full time. Visit her website to learn about her other books at leighwyndfield.com!
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• Secrets Volume 12
by Dominique Sinclair, Jess Michaels, Leigh Wyndfield, Saskia Walker
• Secrets Volume 12 • Trade Paperback
by Dominique Sinclair, Jess Michaels, Leigh Wyndfield, Saskia Walker
• Secrets Volume 14
by Jennifer Barlow, Angela Knight, Alexa Aames, Leigh Wynfield
• Secrets Volume 14 • Trade Paperback
by Jennifer Barlow, Angela Knight, Alexa Aames, Leigh Wynfield
• Secrets Volume 20
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, Leigh Wyndfield
• Secrets Volume 20 • Trade Paperback
by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, Leigh Wyndfield

Review Highlights


4½ Stars !!!

“Secrets Volume 12, turns on the heat with a seductive encounter inside a bookstore, a temple of naughty and sensual delight, a galactic inferno that thaws ice, and a lightening storm that lights up the English shoreline. Tales of looking for love in all the right places with a heat rating out the charts.”
4½ Stars —Romantic Times BOOKclub

Leigh’s first story with Red Sage was a winner!! “White Heat is an awesome futuristic read that will have you panting for more when the story ends. … White Heat is full of action and adventure and will keep readers turning the pages and waiting with baited breath to see what happens next. Leigh Wyndfield has created another tale that is sure to go on the keeper shelf. ”
—Romance Junkies

“White Heat is stunning. The reader is quickly drawn into Leigh Wynfield’s absorbing tale and bears witness to two strong, but lost, souls finding each other. … The story is wonderfully conceived and delivered, far exceeding my expectations. White Heat is white hot!”

—Fallen Angel Reviews


SECRETS VOLUME 14   4½ StarsStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif
“Secrets Volume 14 will excite readers with its diverse selection of delectable sexy tales ranging from a fourteenth century love story to a sci-fi rebel who falls for a irresistible research scientist to a trio of determined vampires who battle for the same woman to a virgin sacrifice who falls in love with a beast. A cornucopia of pure delight!”
—Romantic Times BOOKclub


Leigh Wyndfield thrills them again in Volume 14
“Night Heat is action and adventure along with a blast back to the prehistoric past. The story has everything, romance, passion, action, adventure and ravenous raptors waiting to kill the people trapped on their planet. Rip is sexy and with an alpha attitude, while Jemma is his perfect match. The love scenes are passionate with a certain desperation that will have readers turning the pages to see what happens next. Leigh Wyndfield has penned a story that will take readers back in time and keep them on the edge of their seats.”
—Romance Junkies


5 STAR REVIEW  star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif
SECRETS VOLUME 20: SURRENDER TO PLEASURE is just that, a carnal unfolding of the hidden desires of woman and the pleasures they seek. Each story offers a unique and intriguing look into a woman’s place in society no matter the place in time. I especially enjoyed the last two books in the anthology STASIS by Ms. Wynfield and A WOMAN'S PLEASURE by Ms. Featherstone. However, I can honestly say that a reader will not be disappointed with any of the titles included in this volume of erotic delight.
~~~ DEBBIE - Enchanting Reviews


    Leigh Wynfield, has one heck of an imagination.  In STASIS, we are taken to a planet which is currently being protected by Troopers.  Osborne Welty (Oz), Commanding Officer of the 12th Division, does something colossally stupid (which is something he never does), he takes one for a new recruit, breathing in the enemy's drug that puts a person in stasis.  The human body is frozen and unable to move, yet, it can feel, and the victim can open and close their eyes.  There is a cure, and when SecCom Morgann (Oz's second in command) brings Oz to the infirmary, she is told that they are out of the antidote and no more is expected for 10 days.  What is she supposed to do with her CO for that long?  I just LOVED this story. The thought that went into it and the building of the characters was done beautifully.  I like different, and Ms. Wynfield definitely delivers on different.
~~~Ultimate Romance

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