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eRedSage eBooks

1.  You can download your book immediately once you have completed your purchase.

2.  Just look for the download link within your receipt.

3.  Also, your book is automatically placed in your personal  My Library account.

4.  You have the option to download your book 3 additional times from your My Library.

5.  Your personal My Library account is available to you within 24 hours from purchase.

Downloading an eBook from My Library is easy!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. The email address you  use when you register is how the My Libary system recognizes you.

     A.  Your Library knows you only by the exact e-mail address you registered with.

     B.  If you change your email address you will lose the ability to find your books.

     C.  Your books can not move to a new email address.

     D.   We can not put books in your library or take them out.

2. Log in to your Red Sage My Library by clicking on  My Library

     using the e-mail address you used when you registered at eRedSage.com

3. You will be automatically taken to your My Library account.

4. Review your library and choose which book to download.

5. Click on the download link for that eBook.

6. You can choose to either Open or Save this eBook.


You have just completed the process of downloading an eBook from your Red Sage Library!

Remember, for your convenience, each eBook can be downloaded up to three times!

If you need to contact us ClientServices@eRedSage.com

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