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Lynne Logan has always had a love of books. Many a time you can find her with a book in one hand and a diet soda in the other. Human nature and what drives people, whether it be physical or cerebral, has always fascinated her, along with a good tale of love, sex and suspense. Lynne has won and finaled in numerous contests under another pseudonym. She lives in Arizona where the summer nights are as hot as the pages she writes.

by Lynne Logan
Cocktails At Tiffany's
by Lynn Logan
Bribes, Blackmail and Bondage
by Lynne Logan

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5 Blue Ribbon Review!*****

A fascinating setting, interesting secondary characters, and a likeable but despicable third party make this a very entertaining read. ADDICTION was a very entertaining journey. The heroine was an admirable character, willing to do anything to find her sister. The fact that she got to have lots of fun along the way, and discover things she didn’t know about herself made it even better. Carlos’s character was almost noble, wanting to take care of Kelly, and trying to keep her safe. After their first night together, he was still interested enough in her to help her. All in all, ADDICTION was an excellent story, with lots of steamy action. I look forward to reading more from this author.

~~ Noelle ~~ Romance Junkies

**** Addiction - 4 STARS!****star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

When Holly's younger sister goes missing, she enters the world of sex and exhibition. Joining the local, yet private sex club, Holly hopes to find Vivien and convince her to come home and change her life style. Much to Holly's surprise it is she who for a short period changes her views. The excitement within the club and fuelled by a potent drink, Holly encounters Carlos, tall, dark and sexy as hell. Convinced that one night of reckless sex won't hurt, she embarks on a dangerous journey.

Carlos has joined the sex club to do research for an article he is writing for the local paper. The last thing he expects is to find himself caught up in a sexy romp with one of the clientele. One taste of the delightful Holly, and he knows he'll never get enough of her.

Addiction takes you on a journey of sexual discovery with Lynn Logan's heroine Holly. I really enjoyed this quick read. Ms. Logan has placed her characters in an interesting situation by having them enter a sex club for something other than sex. Ms. Logan writes graphic sex scenes, yet they are not smutty. Both Holly and Carlos reach out to you as they discover feelings they were not expecting. While I found the plot interesting, I think there was room to develop it further, yet I wasn't left disappointed. If you like a little spice in your stories, Addiction is one for you.

Reviewed by: Sandie - FALLEN ANGELS REVIEW


Author Lynne Logan manages to successfully transfer her words to the reader's reality in this very erotic story of a woman on a search for her sister but who finds herself in the process.
Holly's sister has been missing for a week without a word. All Holly knows is that an exclusive sex club where anything goes had become one of Valerie's favorite haunts before she disappeared. So that is where Holly decides to begin her search. Holly's experience at this club is something she never dreamed she would encounter. Desires surfaced that she never knew she had and she has to make some choices that may be life changing for her.
Carlos, a man on a mission of his own, encounters Holly at this club. He cannot believe how intensely he is drawn to her, a woman he has never seen before in his life. Their fated meeting ignites sparks that quickly turn into scorching flames.

I had to fight not to read this book quickly. It caught and held me to the point of making me want to fly through the words just to see what would happen next. At the same time, I made myself slow down and take the time to truly digest each and every word. This book is like foreplay. If you are planning to read it, put aside an evening where you will not be rushed. It is a book to be tasted, nibbled, and finally devoured. Depend on it to stir some very definite urges as you take in every page.
Holly is not only on this quest herself. She is also taking the reader along with her.

As the reader this time, I have to admit that Holly only opened the door. I followed willingly enough. All you have to do is open your mind a bit and you will be at Holly's side every step of the way. A word of warning: You are going to want some company after you finish reading this book. It is definitely erotica for women but I am convinced it will stir some passions in men as well. Lynne Logan knows how to light a fire and keep it burning. I look forward to reading more of her.

Reviewed by Lynn Cunningham ~~ FreshFiction

 Bribes, Blackmail and Bondage by Lynne Logan

Genre: Contemporary Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Voyeurism

Rating: 5 Cherries!!!!!

Attorney Amanda Oliver’s job is to prove Drake Andrew innocent of murder, not to secretly lust after him during their consultations. But he is young and hard and taut, and she can't remember a time when she reacted to a man like this. Not just a man. A client.

In a moment of helpless surrender to their forbidden passion, she jeopardizes both his freedom and her career. For there is no privacy in prison, and the deputy posted at the door witnessed their entire brazen encounter through a small window.

With proof of their jailhouse tryst, the deputy thrusts them both into a game of sexual blackmail. He threatens to expose Drake and Amanda unless they participate in his sex games. Amanda is determined to thwart her blackmailer, until she’s swept into a maelstrom of dark and heady desire with two men who feed her most erotic fantasies… In one moment your life can be turned upside down.

Amanda learns this lesson all to well, when she submits to the temptation of Blake. The hunky younger man is her client and should be off limits. The sexual tension between Amanda and Drake that sizzled from the very beginning, and kept me wriggling in my seat. I absolutley believe this illicit attraction helped make the situation more believable, as does Amanda's attraction to the deputy. The scenes are hot and well-written, and realistic enough that I could believe something like this story could actually happen

I did question why the deputy made his advances the way he did and not in a normal one -- by, say, asking her out on a date. Thankfully, Ms. Logan answers this question and also ties up all the loose ends in the case against Drake. As a crime buff I kinda saw where it was going, but this is still a fun and sexy read. I absolutely and whole-heartedly recommend it!

Review by: Snowdrop ~ Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

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