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Losing My Heart - by Lucy Anne
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Category: Contemporary, Erotic
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook


Deeply in love, New Yorkers Erika Langley and David Coleman’s exciting relationship is shattered by secrets. David doesn’t tell Erika he has discovered his beloved Uncle Rob, the man who raised him, is in debt to some dangerous people and has embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from his company. David covers for Rob and begins to work day and night in order to pay back the money. Stunned and confused by David’s sudden and complete immersion in his work, Erika pleads with David for an explanation, but he is too ashamed to confess what he has done for his uncle. Heartbroken, Erika has no choice but to end their relationship.

Neither Erika nor David are aware that Mark Volkov, a Russian colleague of David’s, has been obsessed with Erika for some time. He and patiently plans his seduction. Over the next few months, Mark ingratiates himself into a grieving Erika’s life until she is finally ready to enjoy Mark’s company. However, his dark and violent personality finally emerges, and Erika, shocked and frightened, orders Mark out of her life.


A weary Erika decides she needs to understand where she and David went wrong, and she reaches out to him. David confesses everything to Erika, and just when they decide to give their relationship another chance, Erika disappears. Mark Volkov, the wolf, has captured his prey.


Reader Alert! 

Lovers Erika and David bring each other to new heights of passion as they intimately explore each other in the bedroom and on the beach.


To My Readers:

Hi wonderful Red Sage readers! If you like your hero strong and smart, but not absolutely perfect, you’ll love New Yorker David Coleman. After a cruel breakup with Erika, the love of his life, David and Erika must learn to live apart. But Mark Volkov, with his dark obsession over Erika, is waiting in the wings.

You’ll feel the sexual tension sizzle from the first page of my contemporary romantic suspense novel, and I think you’ll fall in love with the courageous David as much as I did. And Erika, beautiful, generous, and passionate, is a heroine to admire as she learns to listen to her instincts after sensing the obsessive and violent nature lurking beneath Mark’s charming exterior.

About the Author:

I like to read, do puzzles, and work out, but what I really love is to be in front of my laptop (for as long as I want) and enter the world of my characters. Happy reading, everyone!

ISBN: 9781603108379 1603108378 Publication Date: 02/2015
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