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Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands - by Katherine Givens
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Category: Erotic Historical Egyptian
Length: Novelette
MSRP/List Price: $2.45
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Ella fled England once her lover betrayed her to marry another. After shedding her tears, she rebuilds a home in an atmosphere unsuitable for any lady; the archaeological expedition her father commands. But Ella is no lady, and the desert sands of Egypt suit her free spirit. Julian never stopped loving Ella, even when he said “I do” to another woman. The marriage of convenience ends with his wife’s death, thus freeing him from the bonds of marriage. Julian hunts Ella down in Egypt. She wants nothing to do with him, but when trapped in a pharaoh's tomb could a passion be rekindled?

Reader Alert! Ella only experienced passion in the arms of one man, Julian Dalton, but his staggering betrayal left her cold. She fled to Egypt to Warm her broken heart, but two years later Julian Catches Up With Her and she finds herself warmed more than expected!


To My Readers: When the idea for Love Amidst the Egyptian sands hit me, it was like the Muses dropped a ton of sarcophagi on my head. I became crazed with the idea of placing two wounded souls in the tomb of a pharaoh. While exploring this discovery, how would the two characters, my beloved Ella and Julian, react in closed quarters? Would there be tears? rage? a build up to the pleasure they've been missing for two years? The story just appeared in my head in a matter of minutes, and I wrote the novelette in just four days. And, yes, a mummy is included.  


About the Author: Katherine Givens is a museum employee with a secret. Few know the truth of her greatest passion, but those closest to her know she loves to write historical romances… All right, maybe more than a few people know she is a writer. Anyone who will listen to her can glean this from a conversation.

So, Katherine Givens is a museum employee who wishes she had a devilish secret or a jaw-dropping double life, but the characters in her manuscripts often do. From the withdrawn duke mesmerized by his quiet maid or the savage Viking eager to ravish a Christian girl, her heroes are always bound to have a secret or two. It is often up to the headstrong heroine to unravel the mysteries surrounding the man that has captured her heart.

Katherine is a member of the Romance Writers of America and New Jersey Romance Writers. Her short stories and poetry have been published in The Copperfield Review, The Enchanted File Cabinet, Tipton Poetry Journal, Nazar Look, West Ward Quarterly, MUSED – the Bella Online Literary Review Magazine, and several other magazines she cannot name off of the top of her head.

ISBN: 9781603108737 1603108734 Publication Date: 02/2015
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