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Love And Deception - The Eternal Love Of The Seekers Book 5 - by Toya Richardson
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Category: Paranormal, Intrigue, Suspense, Thriller, Erotic Turbulent Love Affair
Series: The Eternal Love Of The Seekers
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook


Joseph is about to embark on his most dangerous assignment, one which will keep the Seekers safe from Global Innovations, while leaving him totally vulnerable to torture if he’s discovered. He is lonely, bitter, traumatized by his past and desperate to prove himself to Paul Veron, leader of the Seekers.

Juliana is about to end her life, sick of her isolated existence and terrified of the powers she appears to possess. She is rescued by an enigmatic, extremely handsome man and feels herself drawn to him on some unrecognizable level.

They embark on a heated love affair and when Juliana discovers his real reason for being there, she puts them both in danger of torture and death. Will their love be enough to help them through the dangerous times ahead?


Reader Alert! Joseph goes undercover within Global Innovations, to help protect the Seekers. Rob Delaney, one of the Seekers strongest and powerful warriors, teaches him all he needs to know to survive. When he meets sultry, sexy Julianna, they embark on a sizzling love affair. What neither of them realize is that Rob is her Father – and he knows nothing of her existence. When Juliana discovers his real reason for being there, she puts both their lives in extreme danger.

To My Readers: Hi, I hope you enjoy this exciting and breath-taking ride with my beloved Seekers once more. Joseph has no one to care for and no one to love him. So when it becomes apparent that they desperately need someone to infiltrate Global Innovations and get close to Nikolas Krystos, he knows he’s the only man for the job. And so, one Christmas morning he watches while the Seekers sing carols around a huge Christmas tree, he sees Freya holding her baby daughter close, while Armand has his arms protectively around his wife’s shoulders, he knows this is the reason for why he has to go. And when he falls for sexy, seductive Juliana and she finds out the real reason for him being at global, she puts them both in grave danger of being tortured and killed. Can they survive and escape back to the Seekers before Joseph’s cover is blown?


About the Author: I have been writing seriously for the last five years. It was after the death of my wonderful Mother who was desperate to see my work published. Unfortunately, she passed away before she saw it happen. I began to write seriously after that, needing to fill the huge void she’d left in my life. I started off with a romance/thriller and then wrote two fantasy books, but didn’t feel like I’d quite found my “voice”. so I thought I’d combine all the elements that I enjoyed writing about and Paranormal Romance fits the bill exactly. The first one I wrote, the Atalantean birthright, was going to be a one-off, but it’s become a bit of a monster and I have started writing book 8 now. There are also 3 other books not in the series which I have written – well, one is also partway through. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I’ve loved writing it. So come on and join my Atlanteans on their voyages of love and discovery.

ISBN: 9781603100342 1603100342 Publication Date: 00/2016
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