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Megan's Choice - by Ellie Marvel
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Category: Action & Adventure, Erotica, Futuristic, Ménage à trois, Science Fiction
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $6.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  

Megan Malone, the quadrant’s fastest zip ship pilot, is overworked, overtired and craves the surf, sun and sex of a paradise planet vacation. When her employer receives an urgent commission from the government requesting Megan’s services on a diplomatic mission, she’s all set to refuse--especially when she finds out her domineering ex-lover Yusef Gunnen will be part of that mission. But what Megan doesn’t know is that she’s no longer calling her own shots. You are calling the shots. And what you decide Megan will do at the end of each episode will change her life forever.

To My Readers: I always loved branching stories as a child, from early text-style computer games to the interactive fiction series published for children. When I suggested to my editor that electronic books were the perfect medium for some rip-roaring, lip-smacking, heat-inducing adult adventures, she and Red Sage agreed to let me share my ideas with readers in the form of “Megan’s Choice”. Because of the ongoing structure of Megan’s life and all the threads it will contain, this is hopefully only the first in a series of novellas that will take our intrepid heroine from the center of the universe and beyond. Note: Megan's Choice is written as an interactive novella, where the reader chooses the main character's path at the end of each scene. This excerpt is from the opening scene of the novella, where our intrepid heroine is being briefed after a recent piloting assignment by her boss at Stellar Transport.

ISBN: 9781603102780 1603102787 Publication Date: 01/01/2009
Megan’s Choice is a fascinating story with a very unique concept where the reader gets to choose the outcome of the story by choosing between two options at the end of each section. As a fan of the “Choose-Your-Own Adventure” stories as a child, I was eager to read this one and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. With so many different paths you can take it is like having multiple stories in one. I read through it a few times making different choices each time and I am not sure I even covered all the possibilities, but I enjoyed each journey that Megan took.

This futuristic story focuses on the heroine of the story, Megan Malone, an overworked zip ship pilot who wants nothing more than a vacation. But she finds her plans changed with the government requests Megan for a diplomatic mission…a mission that includes her ex-lover Yusef Gunnen. The story takes many unexpected and interesting turns as you get to make Megan’s decisions. I really liked Megan and enjoyed her adventures and hope to read more in the future as a few of the paths she took left me feeling like more was to come.

Overall, this was a fascinating and intriguing story with interesting characters and several different intriguing threads. In addition to enjoying the story, I truly enjoyed the power that reading this story gives the reader and hope to read more romances featuring this concept.



Megan's Choice is a whole new concept in romance writing. It takes the idea of a romance book and blends in reader interaction. As the reader gets into the story of Megan Malone the reader gets choices on how to proceed. Should Megan…go to page 42. It's along the lines of those old adventure stories where you got to change the storyline by getting a choice on how a character would progress. That old concept brought to romance books was very thrilling for me. I love romances and I used to read those adventure books. They were a lot of fun and Megan's Choice is also.

Since this story has a multitude of possible twists and turns I'm not able to tell you where the book goes. Where it goes is different based upon what choices you the reader make. I can fill you in on the basic themes though. Like where the story starts.

Megan's choice is a futuristic adventure novel. Megan Malone is at the center of a futuristic universe. Every type of species and smell is on it's way in or out of Polestar. Megan is a zip pilot and one of the best. She works long days and wants a vacation. An emissary has asked for Megan's services and also one of her exes is in the area. You have to decide if she helps the emissary, what happens with her ex and how she advances through the story.

Ellie Marvel has produced a wonderful new form of romance. I look forward to seeing more interactive stories. I enjoyed the tales of Megan and read many different versions of the story. I would flip back to Megan's first divergence and then proceed down the different choices she had to make. It was all very cool. The only two things I wished the book had more of was an extended storyline and more in-depth characters. There wasn't any in depth relationship building or the feeling of a happily ever after that you normally get from a romance. Overall, I'm trilled with the concepts in the book and would love to read a more expanded version. One with a bit more romance to go along with the adventure.


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