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Mistress of Purity - by Faye Hall
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Category: Historical Erotic Romance, Mystery and Australian Romance
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook


Prue had seen something the night her father was murdered – something that would forever change her life…

…She had seen something that would continue to haunt her and follow her wherever she went.

When she had married the Earl of Malloy, Prue had hoped to be able to hide under his name and at his out of town estate.

What she had not thought was to become his son’s MISTRESS OF PURITY.

Gareth had sworn never to return to his father’s estate, not to the life he had once thought to have there.

He had hoped that the man he had grown in to was no longer hoping to find the love of a woman he knew could not possibly exist.

What Gareth had not wanted was to find his comfort in the arms of his father’s young wife…a woman he knew was hiding far more than just one secret from him.


Reader Alert! When Gareth obeyed his father’s widow’s request for him to return to Sarina to collect his inheritance, never could he had imagined he’d find her to be the same woman he’d loved so passionately a few weeks before.  The secret’s that Gareth unveils upon returning to his late father’s estate become a near obsession to him, revealing to him not only the truth about Prue, but also the man his father had truly been.  He had wanted to keep his distance from Prue so he could return to his own estate as soon as possible, but the attraction he had to her became near unbearable until he could no longer control the pull she was having on his emotions.


To My Readers: I’m so very happy that Mistress of Purity will be published.  I’m so excited to be able to introduce all my readers to a very head strong Prue, whose desperate to keep her family’s secrets hidden; to the brooding Gareth, a man who seems near desperate to uncover the truths of the past despite his initial intentions.  Also to two sub characters, Rosie and Tommy, who kind of have their own story to tell and their own secrets to reveal.  There’s romance, there’s mystery, there’s a bit of suspense…Hopefully you will all love this story as much as I do.


About the Author: Faye Hall is a published author of Historical Erotic Romance novels & e-books. Though her early published works include poetry, newspaper articles, and online local events reports, her passion has always been with her romantic tales set in late 19th Century Australia. Upon being contracted with Red Sage Publishing, her dream of being a published author became a reality.

Faye finds inspiration in the world around her and bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

After a whirl-wind romance, Faye married her childhood sweetheart early 2013. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and their 9 children.

ISBN: 9781603100229 1603100229 Publication Date: 07/2015
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