Morwenna grew up reading anything and everything. There is hardly any genre of fiction she doesn’t enjoy. A big fan of romance, she began to feel that while the bodice ripping was good, it would nevertheless be fun if a bit more than the bodice was ripped off her heroine! Someone introduced her to erotica and she instantly became a fan. Her aim is to try and write erotica in every other genre there is, from historical to futuristic, fantasy to contemporary. She is always pleased to hear from readers with their thoughts and comments, and can be contacted at morwenna.drake@gmail.com .
Dark Nights Embrace
by Morwenna Drake

Coming Soon



Violet thinks that she has left her dangerous life behind. Once the unresisting victim of a powerful vampire named Julian, it took a force of will and a complete change of identity to escape him. Now, in her little London bookshop, she feels safe – but not for long. Julian has finally tracked her down and he wants something only she can find for him – the Phoenix Book.

On the verge of being trapped into servitude again, Violet is saved by one of her customers, Alex. As he rushes her to safety, she discovers she is not the only one leading a double life. The unassuming Alex is a vampire hunter and has been chasing both Julian and the Phoenix Book, in which lies the secret to destroying Julian and his type forever.

Caught between two old adversaries, Violet must keep her wits about her and not give into temptation with either with Alex or Julian, however much she might want to.

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