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My Knotty Jolene - by J. Jaden
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Category: Contemporary Erotica, Mystery, Exotic Locales, Fashion Fanatic And Nautical Lifestyle
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

My Knotty Jolene is a playful mystery about Jolene Davis, a thirty-something artist whose naughty nature is aroused when she finds herself a widow. Though she has become complacent in the role of a trophy wife, or what the nosy neighbor terms “a boat whore,” her dominating, older husband dies under questionable circumstances leaving her destitute. Once liberated, Jolene encounters a mysterious woman who initiates her into an esoteric lifestyle in which she controls the whip. She transcends as she rises out of the chaos and takes control for the first time in her life.

Her sense of power tips when Orlando sails in and seduces her. His charisma and rugged good looks ignite a flame deep within her. She is powerless in his presence and she wants to be. He is everything she desires in a man, but her sexual desires and business interests become tangled. Will she surrender to him even though he could potentially destroy her?

My Knotty Jolene is laced with contemporary topics such as fashion and music. Readers experience life through Jolene’s aching perspective, as her sexual frustration becomes a powerful catalyst in her decisions.   

Reader Alert!  Would you work as a dominatrix for hire? Jolene Davis asks herself this question as she faces challenges that would knock any woman to her knees. Tempted by opportunities that arouse her from a sexual coma and could make all of her problems disappear, Jolene learns how to land on her own two feet without sacrificing her core values in the process.

To My Readers: It is my hope that Jolene’s journey from betrayal to empowerment entertains and inspires you as much as it did me during the creation process. I developed the series after spending nine months living aboard a sailboat that was docked in a marina in Port Aransas, Texas, which is the setting for the story. With my experience living aboard and my knowledge of the lifestyle of an actual working dominatrix for hire that I gained while doing transcription, I decided that combining the two seemingly different worlds would make one hell of a good story…and it did! Enjoy!

About the Author:  J. Jaden works as an editor and ghostwriter for clients located all over the globe. Her family includes a daughter, a husband, six dogs, two cats, a parrot, and 40+ chickens. Though her house is full, she manages to make time each day to write. Through story development, she has created a list of unique characters and has incorporated them into a series of books, with “My Knotty Jolene” being the first to debut. Her hobbies include cooking vegan recipes, knitting, sewing, hiking, and spending time with her large human, furry, and winged family.

ISBN: 9781603100502 1603100504 Publication Date: 2016
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