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 I fell in love with the written word as soon as I could read.  I started writing my own stories while I was still in grade school.  I even passed around my own version of fanfic to my classmates long before the term was ever coined.

I'm a member of Romance Writers of America and belong to three of their chapters, Western New York Romance Writers, Passionate Ink and From the Heart.  I also belong to the Romance Divas, a great webforum for writers.

I live in western New York State with my very supportive husband– my real life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s my inspiration.  We travel in our RV whenever possible – the great thing about writing is I can take it anywhere.

Feel free to drop her at note at natasha@natashamoore.com

See you down the road.

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Dark Angel
by Natasha Moore
Quinn's Curse
by Natasha Moore
The Better To Eat You With
by Natasha Moore
• Secrets Volume 24
by Alexa Aames, Rae Monet, Natasha Moore, Mia Varano
• Secrets Volume 24 • Trade Paperback
by Alexa Aames, Rae Monet, Natasha Moore, Mia Varano
• Secrets Volume 25
by Cynthia Eden, Sedonia Guillone, Natasha Moore, Anne Rainey
• Secrets Volume 25 • Trade Paperback
by Cynthia Eden, Sedonia Guillone, Natasha Moore, Anne Rainey

Review Highlights


Night Owl Romance: Reviewer Top Pick

Reviewer Top Pick! NIGHT OWL ROMANCE BOOK REVIEW SCALE 4.5 to 5 Reviewer Top Pick!

I want to grow up to be just like Elise. A woman who goes for what she wants and doesn’t let life get in her way, she is now a grandmother and missing the benefits of having a man around. A widow, she’s still beautiful and still desires a man. Unable to stop herself, she touches herself in her garden and loses herself in fantasy. But then a nightmare shows up. Nicholas Wolfe, her first love, catches her in the act. A conversation decades overdue is about to happen, and instead of closure a new beginning.

The author artfully combined a fairytale with a common theme in romance; the one that got away. I found it cute and sexy at the same time. A woman he couldn’t forget or replace brought Nicholas Wolfe back, but if he thought it was going to be easy he was mistaken. Elise tried to protect herself from being vulnerable to Nick, but she always loved him. Their banter and physical reunion made for an entertaining as well as steamy quick read. Recommended. Free spirit Elise might be a grandmother now, but she's still beautiful, darn it. And she still wants pleasure. An afternoon working in the garden can't take the edge off her unsatisfied yearnings, so she gives in to the urge to touch herself. Right there in the open yard. Under the hot sun. Where anyone can see her. Where even a Wolfe might track her down...Nicholas Wolfe, that is, her first love, home again after all these years.

You'll never see granny and the wolf quite the same way again!



DARK ANGEL by Natasha Moore is a wonderful story about a tortured soul who needs to find peace again. I enjoyed this story, which was full of emotions. The pain of losing love, the joy of finding love again, and the strength that comes from it all. The two main characters learn that love and trust are wonderful things. That when someone loses them it is devastating but when a person reaches out and gives that love and trust to you freely it is a magical wonder that should never be squandered or denied. The reader hopefully learns this lesson as well.

Can a scarred Rafe learn to love again? Just what secrets are hiding behind his mask? Will Julie be the one to help him find love again? The reader finds themselves rooting for the heroine and hoping for the answers to these questions and more. When Rafe and Julie are stuck together by extenuating circumstances they must learn to trust in one another. Rafe must let go of the past and learn to live again. Yet this Rafe behind his mask is not the one Julie remembers. Will she ever find the man she once loved so much?

This story has a few twists and turns keeping the reader glued to the pages. The bond that grows between Rafe and Julie is a wonderful thing. One can only hope that they themselves can find such a thing in their lifetimes. I know I hope to find it someday. Set in a beautiful house and lovely grounds this story was a great read. I enjoyed the interaction between Rafe and Julie. It never became boring or repetitive and kept me entertained all the way to the end of the book.

If you like your books with a gothic flare and enough sexual tension to light up the house you will most defiantly enjoy DARK ANGEL.

 ~~ Grabrielle Lee ~~ Fresh Fiction Reviews


Grade: " A "

...Natasha Moore has created a captivating ghost story that keeps you reading. In a story of its length character development, motivation and plot are sometimes difficult to find in a story, yet this one has all those elements in spades. The story progresses with a natural flow that doesn’t feel rushed. A book to add to your must read list."

~~Simply Romance Reviews

"...Natasha Moore catches your attention right away and never loses it. The story rolls adventure on the high seas, love and redemption together to make a captivating story line and an easy read. The complexity of the story is a plus and the sultry love scenes are well written..."

~~Manic Readers Review "

...QUINN'S CURSE is a very exciting and enticing read. I love pirates so Quinn is a special treat. The storyline and characters really wove together to create an erotic and passionate story of second chances..."

~~ Romance Junkies


Recommended Read!!!
BAD TO THE BONE by Natasha Moore

When Luke arrives in town for his class reunion, he never expects to see Annie Shane. He has no idea it's her when she walks through the door. The years have been very good to Annie and she's now the sexiest woman Luke has ever laid eyes on. Luke is trying to overcome his bad boy past. Annie came to the reunion hell bent on becoming a bad girl. When Annie offers herself to Luke, he finds himself hard pressed to refuse her. Luke makes her toes curl and she plans on getting some of him before the night is through. Will Luke be able to resist the sultry temptress throwing herself at him?

BAD TO THE BONE really stood out for me. I could relate to Annie completely. She was the nerd in high school and suddenly she re-appears smoking hot. Luke was downright yummy and I agreed whole heartedly with her wanting to seduce him.

These are my favorite anthologies because I always know I will never be disappointed with any story that I read from them.
~~Amanda Haffery - DARK ANGEL REVIEWS


4 1/2 Bookmarks!
It is no secret that Red Sage Publishing consistently nabs some very talented romance authors for their popular series of SECRETS anthologies.

UP TO NO GOOD by Natasha Moore~
      Until this anthology, I had never read Natasha Moore, but she is an author I will definitely be reading more of soon!
  I was very impressed with her novella, UP TO NO GOOD.  The title itself intrigued me, and the story was just wonderful.
     The banter between Allie and Mac is fantastic – I couldn’t get enough of it.  This pair will certainly keep each other on their toes for the rest of their lives.

     Allie is delightfully irrepressible – a fact that simultaneously intrigues and worries Mac.  He can’t wait to see what she comes up with next, but he also fears she will not rest until she exposes his dark secret.  Her penchant for ordering sexy bar drinks from him wreaks havoc on his libido, and leaves the reader laughing with each double entendre exchanged.
Mac is simply a great guy.  Misguided, sure, but a really stand-up friend.  He lets his past rule his present, and tries to keep himself apart from others, afraid he will be betrayed again, or worse, they’ll discover his secret and know the truth about who he is.  Of course, Mac, like many of us, is much harder on himself than anyone else would be.  It takes Allie’s unique perspective to help him overcome that past.
     UP TO NO GOOD is a fun little romance whose lightness compliments the real depth of the story.  I would bet that Natasha Moore finds herself with quite a few new fans after this gem releases.

Sparks fly in the final story of the anthology, “Up to No Good” by Natasha Moore when Allie Chandler, a young writer tracks down her idol, former writer Simon “Mac” Mackenzie at a bar.  Determined to get an interview, Allie is persistent, but finds more than she bargained for as she learns more about the mysterious “Mac.”  I loved the chemistry and the banter between Mac and Allie as their relationship grew.  They were perfect for one another and I enjoyed the ups-and-downs of their relationship as they dealt with issues of trust and the past.


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