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2007 Romantic Times Award Winner

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After a twelve-year career in the Canadian military (army), where I learned English and the many uses of parachute cord and gun tape, I decided to recycle my skills and become a writer. Of erotic romance. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer. To know more about my books, my real-life adventures or my opinions about nothing important, visit me at www.nathaliegray.com.

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Agent Provocateur
by Nathalie Gray
by Nathalie Gray

by Nathalie Gray
The Smiling Assassin
by Nathalie Gray
by Nathalie Gray
Full Steam Ahead
by Nathalie Gray
• Secrets Volume 29 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Nathalie Gray, Nicole North, Dominique Sinclair, Saskia Walker

• Secrets Volume 29
by Nathalie Gray, Nicole North, Dominique Sinclair, Saskia Walker

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Red Sage Authors Musings

The things that are going through my mind are sometimes amusing, inconsequential or just plain odd. For instance, why are mechanics’ rags mostly always red in movies? Ever noticed that? And why does the internet connection die as soon as I have a pressing need for it, when it was fine for the three hours I spent checking out medieval shoes? I think it’s a conspiracy. Lastly, we call roguish heroes in romance bad “boys”, not bad “men”. Why? Are they not men?

“Story behind the story” Blog Post

The following is an internal conversation I had with my inner Chihuahua when the inspiration to write STEAM PIRATES hit me:

Nat: Hey, look at that. A movie poster with a flying ship. How cool is that?

Inner Chihuahua: *double take* Ooooh, shiny. We like Le Shiny.

N: Dashing pirates, odious villains, non-stop action? I can do that.

IC: You must do that.

N: But a flying ship isn’t enough. What if it’s a flying *pirate* ship?

IC: And what if the baddies have flying *Viking* ships?

N: That’d be fun.

IC: The possibilities, the make my head all explodey. Go write.

N: Yes, master.

IC: Now.

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Review Highlights
Agent Provocateur
by Nathalie Gray  

RT Rating:
Category: EROTICA
Published: September 2009
Type: Erotic Romance (Futuristic, E-book)

Gray has built a fantastic world in a 24th-century Montreal dystopia with two disparate individuals thrown together. This novella captures the imagination with some spicy sex and nonstop action. It's fun sorting the bad guys from the good.

Summary: Genetically enhanced Troy is released from his hellish prison with orders to kidnap the leader of the Misborns. His assigned partner on the mission is Mercury, an Integer posing as a Misborn with special sight and knife-throwing skills.

Only the promise of a full pardon convinces Troy to take the assignment. Working with the gorgeous woman with a smart mouth is a bonus. His heightened olfactory sense reveals her attraction to him, and he responds accordingly. He's armed and prepared for anything -- except a reunion with an archenemy he thought destroyed long ago. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $3.50)

~~ Donna M. Brown ~ Romantic Times Book Review

Agent Provocateur
by Nathalie Gray, Futuristic

Rating: 84!!!

Agent Provocateur is set in 24th century Montreal, where we meet Jean-Sébastien Troy, our bad-ass undercover agent whose last job was a little too successful, with the resulting mounting collateral damage forcing his superiors to let him take the fall as the bad guy. We don't want to embarrass the government, after all, do we? Troy, having served almost six years out of his 71-year sentence, is understandably not a happy man. Still, when a hot woman, Mercury, from the upper caste approaches him for assistance, he reluctantly accepts because he'll get a full pardon if he gives her what she wants. All he has to do is to kidnap Brother Cain, the symbol of the revolutionary spirit that is rallying the lower caste folks to topple those in the upper caste.

Ooh, I think I'm in love with this story when Mercury and Troy start beating up each other the moment the person in charge is away. Ms Gray is one of those rare authors who can make such display of testosterone the sexiest kind of foreplay ever. Nothing is what it seems to be at first in this story, and I feel that some of the twists could use a little more development in order to give this story a little more oomph factor, but given that this is a short story, I probably can't complain.

The romance isn't the most believable one, but this story is very fast-paced and sexy, what with all that aggressive foreplay, heh. The setting is on the generic futuristic side, but the way the author introduces the twists have me thinking that I won't mind seeing more of this world.

If you want a quick read that is sexy and action-paced with plenty of, er, aggressive foreplay, Agent Provocateur may just fit the bill. All these short stories by this author are making me really interested in a full-length futuristic thriller from her. When is that one coming out?

~~ Mrs Giggles Reviews



Heartless is about Gaius Aelius Draco. His priestess wife, Mehnit, has cursed him because he betrays her trust. In order to possibly break the curse and redeem himself he hopes to find a canopic jar. The jar has had many owners over the past two thousand years and is now in the hands of Anne-Marie Valois.

Anne-Marie is an antiquities thief. And after she retrieves the jar, strange things begin to happen. Anne-Marie sees things she’s never expected and is suddenly face to face with an extremely delicious and intriguing man who is offering to help. But will they be able to stop the dark forces after them? Will Gaius be able to break the curse? Or will the curse end up destroying them both?

An erotic, paranormal romance which takes readers from Ancient Egypt to modern day Montreal. This fast paced story, strong and dynamic characters, great world building and fantastic sex was a remarkable read.
Heartless is a fantastic and quick read, which I recommend to anyone who enjoys action, romance and hot sex.



Dear Ms. Gray,

Now normally I don’t read paranormals, erotic romance or novellas as I’ve found they usually don’t work for me in any combination or alone. So imagine my surprise when this one does. Work, I mean. I just goes to show what luring me in with a story about ancient Egypt and Rome can do. Only, it’s not really about ancient Egypt or Rome. Well, not that much since the bulk of the story actually takes place in modern Montreal. Gaius was a shit back when he was alive. Years of soft living and boredom broke down his integrity and drew him into orgies, mistresses and assorted whatnot. He coldly ignored the pain he caused his Egyptian priestess wife until she took matters into her own hands and devised a punishment that’s kept on giving…and giving…and giving for over 2000 years. Now his life – such as it is – and any possible chance at redemption are tied to a canopic jar which has changed hands over the millennia until now when it’s located in a private gallery in Montreal. Which is where antiquities liberator, so to speak, Anne-Marie Valois gets her hands on it. And discovers a horror such as she’s never known. And a man for whom she’s willing to risk everything. But can they beat this thing or will the curse continue to destroy Gaius and kill Anne-Marie in the bargain?

I just happened to read this after watching “The Mummy” which gave me some great visuals to go along with your chilling descriptions of the curse. And let me say how much I admire the way you portrayed it. It truly gives it a visceral punch beyond the usual curse. Here’s one that not only ruins your life but laughs at the pain it causes while it does so. Gaius is a world weary hero who’s seen almost everything the world can throw at him and who almost dreads the next day just because he knows the struggle he’ll endure to survive it. He’s a bit like Sisyphus and Tantalus mixed together. Plus he’s dead and not a vampire! Be still my beating heart – kind of like his is, now that I think of it. He’s had enough time to think on what he did and repent at leisure so satisfy me of his worthiness of a HEA after what he acknowledges he did to his wife. Anne-Marie is a strong heroine who’s never actually kicked ass before though she does catch on quickly to the necessity and handles herself quite well. Thank you for having her fight her innate attraction to this strange man she’s never met and wonder at her sanity – even if she does end up gleefully hurling herself into the hot smexing a short time later. I am curious about her future job plans though I guess fighting off a curse like this would entitle one to having a few past illegal activities wiped off the slate, karma wise.

The way the curse is broken is fairly standard with twue love conquering all. I also noticed that Anne-Marie’s unique sensory skills towards the curse are never fully explained – but it is a novella and there’s only so much room. But I’m willing to just go along with this since I’m enjoying the ride in most other respects. This story leaves me fairly satisfied in and of itself and interested in what else you’ve got to offer.

B ~ Jayne ~~ DEAR AUTHOR


"Max and Eddy are very strong- willed characters: both trying hard to maintain their physical and emotional distance from the other. Ms. Gray shows great sensitivity in writing the love scenes between Max and Eddy, what could be shown as an anonymous encounter becomes something much deeper between two people needing more than just physical contact. This is not to discount the passionate intensity of the love scenes; at times the heat generated between the characters is combustible.

As the story progresses Max and Eddy (and the reader) come to discover they need each other in many different ways, the least of which is merely physical. This progression of the characters is what makes Unclaimed an enjoyable story to read.

I highly recommend it, and not just as a holiday tale."

~~Reviewed by Mickey, SSR

The Smiling Assassin  Nathalie Gray

Heat level: H

With its zooming pace and many actions scenes, this read much like a James Bond movie. I loved Uriel, who came across as the ultimate dark, dangerously sexy, alpha anti-hero. I would love to get my hands on him and do some very bad things! But at the same time, he is so normal and chivalrous. It’s an odd mixture that somehow works and left me wanting more.... When the two of them get together, the sex is rough and intense.

~~T.S. Peters ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The Smiling Assassin an 80!

The Smiling Assassin is a short story, with Ms Gray exercising judicious economy so that only the details needed to bring the story to life and nothing more are present in this story. Therefore, the end result is a scene rather than a story, because I have this feeling that those two are going to have more adventures together long after this story has ended.... For a story of its length, however, The Smiling Assassin is a fun and fast-paced read. Think of this one as some kind of appetizer before you pick up the author's longer works.

~~Mrs. Giggles - mrsgiggles.com

Compromised - Nathalie Gray

 Rating: 4 Stars!!!! StarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gifStarFull.gif

Heat level: O

Jo-Ann (Jojo) DaSilva is part of an elite extraction team on a mission
to get one of Earth’s operatives out of an E.L.F. (Exoskeleton Humanoid Life Form) stronghold. When Jojo learns that the prisoner is her former lover, Mathias, she is not willing to leave him there to die. Disobeying the order to abort her assignment, Jojo finds both herself and the mission compromised.

Nathalie Gray’s Compromised is an action-packed, emotionally charged, erotic short story that starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. In trademark fashion, Ms. Gray creates a memorable heroine in Jojo, a drop dead sexy hero in Mathias and sexual tension that you can cut with a knife. Well that tension doesn’t last too long once Mathias gets Jojo alone. To say that the sex was hot between them is an understatement on a grand scale. Together they were passionate, kinky and oh so stimulating but more than that, their sex was a homecoming that heightened the emotional impact of the story. Not to mention, I’ll always be a little turned on every time I hear the words “say my name”.

Admittedly, I am a fan of Ms. Gray’s books, especially the futuristics. Compromised has everything I look for in a good short story…the sex, the characters and the story are all top-notch and left me wanting more. If instant gratification is what you seek, look to Nathalie Gray’s Compromised.
~~ Misa Noire ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Compromised - Nathalie Gray

Mrs. Giggles Reviews - Rating 83!!

The ELFs have landed! No, we aren't talking about Santa's little helpers. "ELF" stands for "Exoskeleton Humanoid Life Forms". Don't ask me what that means or what an ELF looks like - this is a very short story and the author doesn't dwell on pesky things like details here. Let's just assume that they are eight-foot tall aliens.

JoJo, our heroine, is caught in a crossfire at the start of Compromised, with many of her team mates already down for the count. As JoJo and what's left of her crew battle their way out of the ELF space station they find her ex-boyfriend Mathias Horsen held captive in an interrogation chamber. JoJo has her orders from HQ to withdraw while ignoring anyone else trapped in the space station, but this time around, JoJo is going to disobey her superiors and fight to make sure that Mat gets out alive with the rest of them. The thing is, they were and still are playing for opposing sides, what with her being a soldier for her bosses from Earth and he being a spy who is working for... well, someone else.

Compromised is a blindingly fast-paced story that is concerned mostly with our gang making their escape, along with a dozen or so subsequent pages to cool things down, get the obligatory sex scene going, and give the story some semblance of closure. Because of its short length, one can't expect much in terms of characterization or depths or even details. Despite the limitations, however, this is one exciting and fast-paced space adventure caper with some romance thrown in.

To be honest, the characters do seem too similar to those of the previous short space capers by this author that I've read and the storyline follows the same fundamental structure too. But Compromised is superior to those stories, I find, because of its much better pacing and the placement of the sex scene that doesn't get too much in the way of the story. Fans of the author may find this one a quick read to whet their appetite until the next full-length effort by this author comes around.

~~Mrs. Giggles Reviews ~~ Rating: 83

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