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No Substitute - by Eden Elgabri
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Category: Contemporary, Mystery , Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $6.99
Our Cover Price: $3.99
Available Format: eBook  

Temma Martino has been plagued with a voluptuous figure, so men rarely manage to look up to her eyes. This leads to a stalker disrupting her life. Temma isn’t sure how seriously to take it, since she is in contact with many hormonal teenaged boys as a substitute teacher. When her apartment is vandalized, she knows she has something to fear. But the officer enlisted to protect her causes her fear of another kind. With him she could have a lot to lose. Namely, her heart.

Jack Rigney is on the fast track in the police department. He’s just become the youngest detective on the force. Schooled in proper procedure with a victim, Jack knows better than to get involved with the tempting Temma. And the closer he gets, the more enraged the stalker becomes. Can he find the person tormenting her? Or will he put her deeper in harms way?

To My Readers:
Two things made me write this story. First, being small breasted, I admitted to a friend how much I envied her figure. She went on to tell me how difficult it was for her being the most voluptuous girl in the neighborhood. Guys didn’t take her seriously and never looked up to her eyes. I knew some day I’d write a story where the hero was better than that. Second, when I was a young substitute teacher I had a student who stalked me. Although he turned out to be harmless, my phone never stopped ringing. The police officer who came to investigate took my breath away. Unfortunately, I never got my hands on him, but his image has given me many wonderful fantasies!


ISBN: 9781603106832 1603106839 Publication Date: 08/2011
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