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One Step Closer - Lara Martin #1 - by D. Van Heest
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Category: Mystery Suspense, Women's Fiction
Series: Lara Martin Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Lara Martin is a woman haunted. After a bitter divorce and a custody battle that leaves her without her two children, Lara finds herself very far away from the girl she once was. Every day is a struggle. When a friend faces a life changing tragedy, Lara is inspired to reclaim her life. However, her chance may be cut short when she catches the eye of a predator.

Detective Brian Hammond is a man who relies on his instincts to get the job done.  Meeting Lara, he is instantly beguiled by her beauty and haunting pain. Things quickly become complicated when a new case emerges and he discovers the very man he is hunting has been hunting Lara.

Can he figure out the mysteries of the case before it’s too late or will Lara have to fight for the very thing she wants most, her life?

Reader Alert!  Lara Martin thought she was through with men until she meets Detective Brian Hammond.  Things quickly become complicated when a new case emerges and Brian discovers the very man he’s hunting has been hunting Lara.

To My Readers: The Lara Martin series is semi-autobiographical dealing with personal experiences that I have overcome.  Personalities of my main characters are based on people I know who have guided me, given me strength and sometimes grief but overall help Lara overcome self doubts to realize her full potential.


About the Author: Deborah Van Heest was born 6 November 1970. She is an American author.  Her first novel, “Secret of the Kings” is fantasy published in 2010.  She recently completed the second book in the three book series, Lara Martin.  This mystery/romance novels starts off true to life, dealing with real issues like divorce, separation, child custody and adoption and she incorporates a brilliant and cloying list of characters that round her first series in true mystery fashion.  The series starts off with “One Step Closer” that leads into “Through the Darkness”.  She is writing the final book in the series currently untitled.

ISBN: 9781603100045 1603100040 Publication Date: 02/2015
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