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Past Lives - by Erica Felina
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Category: Erotica, Romance, History, Hypnotic Regression, Forgiveness Heals
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.45
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When Dr. Richard Tumesso hypnotically regresses beautiful Mara Cinque to cure her frigidity, he gets more than he bargained for.  In a trance state, Mara returns to past lives in which she experienced a variety of sexual encounters.

Ø  As Vivienne, Mara recounts her struggles with an American Marine she meets at a USO dance during World War II.

Ø  Micheline D’Orsay, a bisexual prostitute in Paris at the turn of the century, enjoys the attentions of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as her female lover Jeanne.

Ø  Trevor Rawlins, Earl of Candover, is blinded temporarily on a Crimean battlefield and experiences a dedicated nurse through all his senses except sight.

Ø  Ta’ani shares the bounty of Tahiti with William Bligh, captain of the Bounty, during his exploratory voyage.

Ø  Rodger Sinclaire, a confidant of the Mathers, is truly bewitched by Ann Crowley, an herbalist and widow in Puritan New England. After raping her, he accuses her of witchcraft and she pays the ultimate price for his lust.

Ø  Birgit Olafssdottir saves her village but loses her virginity after she foils an enemy attack and becomes the wife of the marauders’ leader.

Ø  Empress Plum Blossom discovers the passion which has been lacking in her arranged marriage with a guard of the Tang royal household.

Ø  Pagan priestess Morwenna rollicks through a Sabbat with a multitude of partners in a fertility.


As Richard delves deeper into Mara’s past, he creates a recorded history and uses those tapes to bring Mara to terms with her sexuality. From satisfaction to anger to depression, Mara experiences the same emotions as she did in her past lives. When she finally learns to forgive her mother for punishing her sexuality, she is pronounced cured.

Both Richard, who has learned to love his beautiful patient, and Mara, who has fallen for her therapist, want to deepen the relationship, but fear of seeming inappropriate holds them back. At last, Richard decides to risk rejection rather than live without her, and as they explore each other in and out of bed, Mara declares, "I think this is going to be the best life of all."


Reader Alert! Mara Cinque is unhappy with her current life, but when she consults psychiatrist Richard Tumesso, seeking a cure for her frigidity, they both discover that she has lived many previous lives filled with explicit sexual adventures. Who knew history could be so erotic?


To My Readers: This story blends sex and history, using a unique cast of characters whose past lives intersect with Mara’s present.


About the Author: Jan Weeks, writing as Erica Felina, wrote her first book at age eight and never looked back. She is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in many local, national, and international markets. Past Lives is her fifth novel.


ISBN: 9781603100465 1603100466 Publication Date: 00/2011
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