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Pride and Passion - by Kendall Bartels
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Category: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Forbidden Age Gap Relationship, Sisterly Love, Friendship, Modernization of Jane Austen, Modernization of Classic Literature
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
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Available Format: eBook  

Pride and Passion a stunning romantic novel and an incandescent modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice by a devoted Jane Austen admirer. This sensual adaption focuses on Jenna Stone, a clever post-graduate student studying at Pemberley University with the hopes of writing a children’s book. Once she is moved into her new apartment she bumps into her handsome but rudely brooding neighbor, Frederick Knight, who (due to a sudden change of events) ends up being her advisor at school. As their relationship grows from that of advisor-and-student into an intense, passionate romantic affair the two most overcome their own miscommunications, a wicked young man after Jenna’s heart, and the forbidden nature of their relationship. Focusing on the overarching kindness and good humor of Austen’s original characters, this gripping novel is an homage to the beautiful craftsmanship of a relationship that truly withstands the test of time.

Reader Alert! Professor Knight is a sexy romance that will keep you turning the pages, wondering if these stubborn protagonists will ever realize that they are meant to be. Jenna Stone thought she would be having an average post-graduate school experience until she found out that her handsome, brooding neighbor would be guiding her academic career. Things only grow more complicated as the sexual tension between Jenna and her academic advisor, Professor Knight, grows more and more heated…eventually, there will have to be a climax.

To My Readers: Every schoolgirl has a had a crush on a teacher at some point or another—Jenna understands this, but what she doesn’t understand is why her schoolgirl crush has to take place in post-graduate school and on the rude man who happens to be her academic advisor and neighbor. Jenna’s frustration only grows greater as her hatred for the handsome, enticing Professor Knight turns to undeniable sexual attraction and possibly even love. A novel born out of the love for Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, this engaging romance has everything from mistaken identities and forbidden romance to a very sexy, modern Knight in shining armor!

About the Author: Kendall Bartels is a writer and actress from south Florida, where she currently resides after spending some time in Los Angeles. The author graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in theatre and literature, and she also acted in a handful of indie films in California before recently returning home to the east coast to pursue her passion of writing. In the past, her short stories and poems were published in book titled No Such Thing as Writer’s Block.

The author is obsessed with everything Pride & Prejudice related and would like to note that her success has only been made possible because of the love and support from her mom, dad, younger brothers, and naked cat, Dobby.

ISBN: 9781603100854 1603100857 Publication Date: 10/2018
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