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R. Ellen Ferare has held a wide variety of jobs, but only two have lasted over the decades. One comes with an irrevocable clause of permanent employment. Those who have kids know what job that is. The other is writing, which is her way of restoring balance and poverty to life when she wearies of a regular paycheck.

She lives in California, a few miles from the San Andreas Fault. On the inland side. Which means someday her house will be beachfront property.

What she does in her spare time is... computer gaming. A lot. This is probably a carryover from her days as a Silicon Valley programmer. She and her daughters own every console there is (yes, even a Dreamcast), but in her opinion the best gaming platform is the PC. This may have something to do with the fact that she can switch between work and play without leaving her desk...

Daughters. Yep, she has three of them. A husband, too. And a dog. And an ancient guinea pig which has far exceeded its life expectancy.

• Secrets Volume 19
by Elisa Adams, R. Ellen Ferare, Kathleen Scott, Saskia Walker
• Secrets Volume 19 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Elisa Adams, R. Ellen Ferare, Kathleen Scott, Saskia Walker

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"Toys in the Attic" by E. Ellen Ferare. Her friend Rachel asks Gabrielle to check out a vacation place in Santa Cruz for her. She does and asks for the special attic as Rachel told her to do. The place is dumpy and the rain makes it worse except for the naked statue that comes to life, Gavin the cursed hunk who gives her the best orgasm of her life.

~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS


Toys In The Attic by Ellen R. Ferare - Blue Ribbon Rating: 4
    Gabrielle checks into a hotel thinking she’s probably got the best room in the place.  She is shocked and surprised when she finds out that her room comes with a very strange guest.  A statue of a naked man that is life sized.  Though she thinks it’s strange, she doesn’t make too much of it, until the statue comes to life and tells his story.  It seems that he is cursed and longs to break the spell that holds him captive.  Can Gabrielle be the one to help him finally get free of his frozen prison?

    TOYS IN THE ATTIC is an unusual tale that readers will find a refreshing change from the normal romance stories.  I found myself pulled into this tale.  Our heroine is a wonderful woman who is willing to help the hero in any way she can.  A man trapped in stone, an evil spell, and the one woman who could change it all ensures that this story is one that won’t soon be forgotten.  TOYS IN THE ATTIC is the first story I have read by Ellen R. Ferare. I can honestly say that I will be on the lookout for more of her work in the future.

~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com


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