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Rae Monet writes sensual historical, paranormal, futuristic, contemporary and her signature racing romance novels for Liquid Silver Books, Cerridwen Press and Red Sage Publishing. She loves to write strong female characters, lots of action, and hot romance. Rae also does covers for Red Sage Publishing and runs a successful Web Design Business.

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Blood Game
by Rae Monet

• Secrets Volume 18
by Cynthia Eden, Linda Gayle, Larissa Ione, Rae Monet
• Secrets Volume 18 • Trade Paperback
by Cynthia Eden, Linda Gayle, Larissa Ione, Rae Monet
• Secrets Volume 24
by Alexa Aames, Rae Monet, Natasha Moore, Mia Varano
• Secrets Volume 24 • Trade Paperback
by Alexa Aames, Rae Monet, Natasha Moore, Mia Varano

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Recommended Read!!!

SHADOW WOLF by Rae Monet
The year is 2643 and we find ourselves on the Lupine Settlement of Planet Alagon. Dia has been hired, because of her wolf nature, to track an item. She's to find and bring back the Shadow wolf. When Dia tries to steal the wolf, which happens to belong to Roark D'Reincolt, she gets caught. Both Roark and Dia discover an undeniable attraction to one another. Roark soon realizes he cannot give Dia up. Will these two be able to find an everlasting love or are they destined to remain enemies forever?

Once again, the authors and Red Sage Publishing really did an amazing job of combining these stories to appeal to any reader out there. These are my favorite anthologies because I always know I will never be disappointed with any story that I read from them.
~~Amanda Haffery - DARK ANGEL REVIEWS


eroticanthologycapa2007.jpg2007 CAPA Winner  Best Anthoogy The Romance Studio

4 1/2 STARS
Werewolf Michael has found his mate. Before he can make her his, however, he has to save Kat from a hit man in Eden’s “The Wolf’s Mate.”
~~~Faith V. Smith - ROMANTIC TIMES

5  klovers 5Klovers.gif
Rae Monet opens up the SECRETS VOLUME 18 anthology with “Lone Wolf Three”.  Mediator and Solarian Wolf Warrior, Lakota Blackson, is summoned to the assistance of Elnar planetary leader, Taban Zias, by Taban’s second-in-command, Reack.  Wolves are invading the Class A suburbs and the council wants to amend the treaty to allow a capture and reassignment program.  Taban is furious as he sees it as an excuse to kill the wolves who live on Elnar.  His anger turns to desire when he meets Lakota, but will the flames of their desire be smothered by the prospect of the treaty negotiations? 

“Lone Wolf Three” is actually the fifth installment in The Solarian Wolf Warrior series but Rae Monet does a fantastic job of making this book enjoyable and understandable for readers new to the series.  The relationship between Lakota and Taban is very sensuous and Ms. Monet skillfully uses water to enhance the reader’s sensory enjoyment of the scenes.  The vivid and lush descriptions make this futuristic world spring to life.  Perhaps the cleverest part of the story, however, is the integration of the wolves into the society.  Lakota’s companion is a wolf named Striker and it is very easy for the reader to envision the beauty of these fabulous creatures.  Ms. Monet’s very obvious love for wolves is definitely shared and should be appreciated by all of her readers.
~~~Anne - ck2skwipsandkritiques.com


Rating: 4
Taban needs to straighten out the territory issue that is happening and he needs a middleman to help and it seems that one has been found.  Of course the last thing he is expecting is a woman like Lakota.  She seems to be a perfect match for Taban, but she isn’t interested in a relationship.  Can Lakota convince her that she is meant to be his?

This plot is one that is well-known and familiar to readers.  Rae Monet is known for her wolf warriors and this interesting tale gives us even more insight.  LONE WOLF THREE brings together Lakota who is a warrior in every sense of the word, you won’t find her cowering behind any man when there is a fight to be fought.  Taban is the leader of his people and has a major responsibility to do what’s right for them.  You can feel the weight of the troubles that he has to carry.  Sensual love scenes round out this story of excitement.  Rae Monet has penned yet another winner that reader’s will love.
~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com

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