Rose Middleton’s day job takes her surfing, hiking and climbing, albeit with a dozen teens in tow. Needing to escape adolescent hormones, she opted for the calmer waters of romance writing. If her mother only knew! Visit her at www.rosemiddleton.com

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Heat level: H

Five years ago Lorenzo De Luca made the mistake of leaving Alexis to take the fall on a job. Now Lorenzo is about to embark on the biggest jewel heist of his life and he needs total concentration, but the entertainment might be more than he bargained for. Alexis has spent the last five years fuming that her once lover and best friend would leave her to take the blame for a heist gone bad, but it was time well spent. She has made certain that everything is in order, and this time De Luca will be the one sitting in a jail cell. If only she can keep her eye on the goal and off the delectable Lorenzo De Luca.

Payback was a great rainy day read. The characters were both strong, yet determined to make things work in their favor. Both characters were fun, and I didn’t have any trouble relating to either of them. There were several secondary characters, and they all worked to keep this story believable as well as moving along. There are no slow moments and from the first page to the last I was captivated. The sexual tension is thick and the sexual scenes are hot, although there were not as many as I would have liked. My only regret is that this story wasn’t longer. I would have liked to learn more about these jewel thieves. If you are in the mood for a fast ride on the wild, and not-so-legal-side, Payback is a very good choice.

~~Stefani Clayton~~Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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