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Radio Game - by Patricia Brancoforte

Radio Game
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Radio Game


Patricia Brancoforte




Anna took comfort in the routine and business of tending to the breakfast crowd, until she looked up and her stomach started doing flip flops all over again when she saw Chet sauntering through the door.  Celia saw him at the same time and ushered him to a seat at the counter. “Well hi handsome! You just go ahead and take that seat right there at the end of the counter and I’m sure Anna will take real good care of you.”  Chet caught Anna’s eye and gave her a bright smile as he situated himself at the counter.  Anna grinned in acknowledgement as she continued to serve her customers and tend to the hash browns she had sizzling over on the grill.  Making her way to the opposite end of the counter, coffee pot in hand, she reached Chet. “Can I pour you a cup?” Choosing her words more carefully this time, she poured the coffee without waiting for a reply and continued to chatter.  “I’m surprised to see you here so early this morning.  Sadie usually puts out a lovely fare for her guests every morning, especially so on holiday weekends and she doesn’t let anyone out the door until they have eaten at least something.”

“I may have fallen out of her good graces; I’m afraid, as I wanted to do more than make a quick stop in to see you before heading up North this morning and I turned her down for anything but a cup of coffee.  I did explain to her, as gently as I could, that I needed to get back here early to pick up my car before heading out.  She pouted a little, but all-in-all seemed okay with it.”

“Oh?” was all Anna seemed to be able to croke out.  New relationships usually made her feel vulnerable and she suddenly felt uneasy and confused all over again.  She wondered just what Chet was thinking and feeling, afraid of putting herself in a position where she could get hurt.

Chet continued.  “The room at Sadie’s was very comfortable, just as everyone had suggested and I really wanted to thank you again, for yesterday.  I blew in here as a complete stranger to you all, stranded in a blizzard, and today I leave feeling I have made some fantastic new friends.  I must admit, I haven’t laughed or enjoyed myself so much in a very long time.  It’s interesting that a day  I was afraid was going to be an absolute catastrophe actually turned out to be one of the best days I have ever had.”

Before Anna could respond, Celia walked over with an empty coffee carafe and put her hand on Chet’s shoulder as she handed it off to Anna for a replacement with a fresh one.  “Now, that’s just the way folks are around here.  We see someone we like and we just sort of…adopt them.  Isn’t that right, Anna?  Now take the two of us, for instance.  We’re both transplants; we thought we’d come and stay a few years maybe and then move on, but as it turned out, we never left.  You might want to think about that.  It’s an awful nice place to live.”  Patting Chet’s shoulder, she winked at Anna as she took the fresh pot from her and proceeded back to a couple in one of the front booths.

“That Celia sure is something else.  I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone like her.” chuckled Chet.

“Oh, she’s all that and a bag of chips.” quipped Anna as she shot her friend a glance of sheer exasperation.


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Category: Contemporary, Romance, Second Chances, Opening your heart to receive and experience all opportunities in life.
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: With blowing and blinding snow making driving near impossible, Chet Anderson notices a roadside diner where he can warm up and calculate just how and when he could be back on the road en route to reconnect with his now grown daughter. Upon entering, he finds himself absorbed in an annual Thanksgiving radio game show, complete with an array of intriguing and at times amusing locals. Sparks fly as his eyes meet with that of the diner’s owner, Anna Marino, a single mother of two grown daughters, having sworn off any type of romantic relationship. With the patrons noticing what Anna denied as an attraction, they set out to bring the two together by whatever means they had available, including an impromptu dinner with all invited, including the handsome stranger who just walked into their lives. Through many twists and turns and coming to terms with their respective pasts, Anna begins to let her guard down and her romantic appetite up. Reader Alert! The journey Anna and Chet take together and apart will captivate your interest and imagination, wondering just where it will all lead and how they could possibly get there, with each having a complicated past. With the good times as well as the poignant ones, under the guidance of well-meaning friends, will they give into the voice in their hearts or would logic prevail and have them finally go their separate ways. To My Readers: Anna never envisioned how someone literally coming in out of the cold and into her diner could change everything. Although she believed heartbreak was a part of living, she decided it was best guard herself from any further emotional turmoil allowing room for only one man, her rescue dog and confidant. Fate intervened with the arrival of Chet, who she couldn’t get out of her system from the start. Could she ignore the electrical shock she felt the moment she looked into his eyes or would she give in to those emotional feelings, not to mention her bubbling sexual urges? About the Author: Patricia Brancoforte, a native of Connecticut, is an artist and a writer, having had a lifelong passion for both. Although this is her first published novel, three of her murals, one of which she was lead artist on and the other two solo works hang in Middleburgh, New York. Other works are part of private collections around the country.
ISBN: 9781603101028 1603101020 Publication Date: 01/2020
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