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Ranch Hand - by Alla Kar
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Category: Cowboy, Romance, and Contemporary
Length: Novella     
MSRP/List Price: $3.75
Our Cover Price: $3.29
Available Format: eBook  
Description:   Bridget Wilks is a successful editor at Harper Teen and proud to be out of Texas.When she is thrust back into the hay filled fields to see her dying ‘papaw,’ she comes face to face with Levi James, the main reason she left Texas in the first place. He is still the sexy, jaw-dropping cowboy he was when she left seven years ago. Bridget tries to fight the urge she has to be with Levi, and when Christopher, her fiancé comes down, she is stuck between her past and her future. Bridget will have to decide if she wants her fiery past or her stable future.

Reader Alert! Bridget never felt she belonged in Texas until she is thrust back into the southern state to see her ill papaw and comes face to face with her ex boyfriend, Levi, who looks all too well in his cowboy hat. Bridget finds out, yet again, that Levi knows how to ride a woman better than he knows how to lasso a horse.

To My Readers: I'm so glad y'all have taken the time out to read about RANCH HAND. I love the south, I've lived here my entire life. To have a chance to share a story that takes place in the Deep South is a blessing. I brought Bridget Wilks and Levi James to life because I feel every girl loves her a cowboy deep down. I also feel every girl is secretly still in love with her first love. I hope that y'all enjoy reading RANCH HAND as much as I enjoyed writing it!

ISBN: 9781603108195 160310819X Publication Date: 11/2012
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