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Why should I choose Red Sage Publishing?



Red Sage Publishing has been in business for over 15 years. We started as a traditional print publisher in 1995.  It was the big publishing houses and some small romance houses including Red Sage. As far as we know the other small houses have left the business.

Red Sage has a strong history of truly editing and copy editing author's manuscripts. Respecting the author's work with first class production and cover art.

As the publishing world has changed we have changed also and started our digital line. However we have not changed our core principle in always choosing the best work and believing in quality not quantity. Our authors are truly special with their own unique voice and brilliant writing styles. They may not all be New York Times Best Selling authors, but just wait. Some of Red Sage first authors are now New York Times, USA Today Best Selling Authors.

Red Sage has always done advertising for our digital books and print books and never asks the author to pay for the marketing and advertising.

When we redesigned the new website one of the main concerns was for our authors and their author's page. This helps the author build their brand with reviews, blogs, videos, articles and photos to showcase their wonderful works and talents, to connect with their readers. Please look at the author's pages they are beautiful!

With Red Sage's love of our author’s stories and the professionalism we bring to the table along with the passion you have for your story, we together will make your new readers loyal fans!



Red Sage the passionate wisdom in all of us!



Print lines are by invitation only for Red Sage authors.







Secrets Anthologies (Print)







The Secrets collection has a proud, fifteen-year track record of success. Competition for positions in the anthologies is fierce, and most openings go to existing Red Sage authors. If you wish to break into the Secrets anthologies, the best way to do that is to become a Red Sage Presents e-books author first. That said, most Secrets stories are between 25,000 and 30,000 words in length, are very fast-paced and emotional, and contain inventive sensual elements that push the boundaries for this type of story.



Single-Title Novels (Print)


Our exclusive line of print novels accepts submissions by invitation only. If you submit a novel without an invitation from us, we will presume your submission is for digital release.




All Red Sage Print titles continue to be sold, from the very first book in 1995,  with authors receiving royalty.




 FAQ - Part 2





What are Red Sage's contract terms?

Contract for review upon acceptance of story. Royalty 45% through Red Sage Website and 40% through third party vendors.

Length of grant of publishing rights: Life of copyright

Includes all rights  - example digital, print, audio, translation and other secondary/subsidiary rights.



How much do you charge to publish my book?




NOTHING! We pay you! You do not pay us!





How much royalty percentage does Red Sage pay authors




40% royalties on cover price of digital releases at the Red Sage web store and 45% of amount received for digital releases sold through third party vendors.





Do you pay advances?








You don't have my genre listed would you still be interested?




Absolutely! We are always open to something different!





Do I need an agent to submit my work?




No. You do not need an agent to submit your work to Red Sage.





Who do I address the submission to?




Address to Dear Red Sage Editor when you first submit. Once you have your editor you can write directly.





Do you accept multiple submissions?




We prefer not to work this way. While we appreciate that many of you would like feedback from our editors, simple business efficiency and time management does not allow them to spend time evaluating manuscripts, which they might not be able to acquire.



Who How long before I hear back from you on a submission?  



In general, the fastest responses go to material we can easily reject. Thus, a rapid turnaround time doesn’t usually mean good news. Most rejections are issued within thirty days of receipt of your submission. If your submission is approved by the first reader and then goes to an editor, it may be four months or longer before you hear back from us. Be patient, and remember that no news is good news.





My story isn’t really a romance, but it has romantic parts. Will you consider it?




Yes. However, your story must still have an upbeat or emotionally satisfying ending. It must also contain the right type and amount of erotic content, if it is erotic romance or erotica. And it must be something that would appeal to our readership.



Do your editors have particular preferences? 



Yes, but you don’t need to worry about that. If the first reader approves your submission, she will send it to an editor who prefers that story type. We make every effort to match editor interests to good manuscripts because the result is a happy author and a quality book.





I heard that one of your editors is a big fan of a certain type of story. How do I get my story into her hands? 




If you put her name in the body of your email and explain why you are targeting her, it might get to her. However, there are many reasons a story will be assigned to an editor.





I met one of your editors at a conference and she asked me to submit directly to her. How do I do that?




Use the email address on the card that editor gave you.





I have the rights back for a book I published elsewhere. Will you publish it?




That depends. If it was released in print, we will consider it, but only if all rights have reverted to the author. If it was released in e-books only, then no, we will not re-publish it.




My e-publisher closed. Will you make an exception and re-publish my e-books?






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