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Runestone - Immortal Series 3 - by Em Petrova
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Category: Exotic Locales, Male/Male, Ménage à trios',Paranormal Immortals, Romantic Suspense
Series: The Immortal Series
Length: Novel  
MSRP/List Price: $6.99
Our Cover Price: $4.99
Available Format: eBook  

When Sean Livingston asks his immortal beloved, Evangeline to elope with him, not only does it alienate her from her immortal mate Will, but sets off a series of life-altering events, tearing her from her from the man she needs more than air. With the impending madness of separation bearing down on her, she discovers her tattoo contains a map leading her to Will…but also to an army hell-bent to annihilate the ancient immortals.

To My Readers: After Runes was released, I realized these characters, Will, Evangeline and Sean, had more to lose and discover. I’ve laughed with them, shed tears for them, and even gotten pretty damn hot and bothered with them. In Runestone, the true mystery of Evangeline’s immortal tattoo is revealed, along with new passions and emotions between the two hunks she loves.

About the Author:
Em Petrova’s unique characters love to push her buttons. When they demand to be tied up, spanked, or want to add another partner to their lives, she always listens to them. But when they start conversations during make-out sessions, she puts the brakes on and makes them toe the line. While penning her sexy stories she chews her nails, guzzles coffee, and listens to Tori Amos and Bush on her iPod.


ISBN: 9781603106931 1603106936 Publication Date: 07/2011
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