Sedonia Guillone is a multi-published, award-nominated author of both m/f and m/m erotic romance. The man in her life is her inspiration and provides all the hands-on research she needs. When she’s not writing, she’s cuddling, watching samurai flicks and thinking about the next naughty, delicious tale she wants to write.

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• Secrets Volume 25
by Cynthia Eden, Sedonia Guillone, Natasha Moore, Anne Rainey
• Secrets Volume 25 • Trade Paperback • $5.50 SALE PRICE
by Cynthia Eden, Sedonia Guillone, Natasha Moore, Anne Rainey
Fantasy Thief
by Sedonia Guillone

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4 1/2 Bookmarks!
It is no secret that Red Sage Publishing consistently nabs some very talented romance authors for their popular series of SECRETS anthologies. SECRETS VOLUME 25 continues that trend admirably, with four wonderful novellas by some great writers.


~ ENTER THE HERO by Sedonia Guillone ~
Kass and Lian have lived their lives in captivity under the new government regime.  They fell in love when they were still children, and every plan they’ve made since then has been with the intention of staying together.  An attempted escape lands them in sexual slavery, forced to perform at any time, for anyone, and with anyone.
Be it Fate or Luck, somehow they manage to stay together even in this den of iniquity, finally able to consummate their love physically, even while they must hide the fact that they actually have feelings for each other.  As their sexual performances together gain them popularity, they soon have another chance to escape to Paradise, outside the clutches of their captors.  But if they don’t succeed in escaping, the sentence will surely be fatal…
Sedonia Guillone paints a gloomy picture of a futuristic world in which one diabolical pair has somehow seized power and reshaped society to suit their own depraved desires.  This new world caters to the wealthy even more than before, and those without money are quite literally slaves to those who do have it.
You would think that such a life would erode any hope that the lower citizens might have for a better life, but love truly does conquer all.  With the bond that forms between Kass and Lian in early childhood, they both find someone to live for, to make a better life with.  That love pushes them each to persevere where they may have given up had they only themselves to consider.
No matter what obstacles are thrown in their path, this pair forge on – always together.  They fight so hard for their love and freedom that you become fully invested in their plight.  When they finally do reach that happy ending, it as satisfying as if it were your own.


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